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Ask Frank: What Does BRB Mean?

In the dog world, it doesn't mean "be right back." Our wise Frenchie explains.

dogedit  |  Dec 30th 2016

Song of My People


Dear Frank: I enjoy singing the song of my people randomly, day or night. My humans don’t seem to appreciate my songs, especially at night. This is starting to hurt my feelings. Can you help?

Marigold in Florida

Dear Marigold:

Maybe your humans would prefer a different genre of music. Have you tried opera? Country? Rap? Taylor Swift? Everybody likes T-Swift.



Dear Frank: What does BRB mean?

Not Text Savvy in Nantucket

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

In The Middle


Dear Frank: I’m stuck in the middle…literally. How do get the courage to take the next step?

Shy Stepper in Saco

Dear Shy: Getting to the next step is all about preparation. Visualize yourself getting there, practice how you’ll do it, and then go for it. The worst that will happen is you’ll fall back to the step you’re already on…and that’s not so scary, right? Go for it.


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