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Ask Frank: Is My Butt Too Wiggly?

In this week's Ask Frank, the adorable Frenchie advises a reader on the appropriate amount of butt wiggling.

Frank  |  Jul 15th 2016

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, we chatted with Frank of Ask Frank fame. This witty and wise French Bulldog dispenses advice over the Internet, on his blog, and in adorable videos. We were thrilled when Frank agreed to become a regular Dogster contributor. Look for his column every Friday on Dogster.

1. Too much butt wiggle


Dear Frank: Giving my human a good greeting is my favorite way to make him smile. I employ the “Butt Wiggle” technique during my greetings, and it works like a charm. But sometimes I wonder if my butt is too wiggly. How much should my butt wiggle during a greeting?

Tootie in Indiana

Dear Tootie: There is no such thing as too much butt wiggle.


2. Texas hot dog


Dear Frank: My owner recently said that I was a “hot dog.” But what kind of hot dog?

Shorty in Texas

Dear Shorty: I would guess you’re a Texas hot dog – sweet with a little kick and lightly toasted buns.


3. My farts stink


Dear Frank: Do you often pass stinky gas that clears a room in a matter of seconds?

Another Stinko in Indiana

Dear Stinko: Yes. Pretty much every day. But don’t worry, soon your friend’s noses will grow numb and they won’t need to leave the room. “Smell resignation” takes a while. Be patient.


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