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Are Dogs Allowed in Menards? 2024 Pet Policy & FAQ

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Dogs Allowed in Menards? 2024 Pet Policy & FAQ

Menards is committed to providing affordable, high-quality home improvement products and services. The brand prides itself on having a customer-first business model. A key part of this customer-centric approach is making customers feel welcome and comfortable in the company’s 300-plus stores countrywide.

Most companies are open to dogs, cats, and other pets, but are dogs allowed in Menards? Well, yes and no, depending on the store you visit.

Keep reading to learn more about Menard’s policy on dogs and other pets.

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Will Menards Allow Your Dog Inside?

Menards has a reputation for being dog-friendly, but everything changed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Menards had been pet-friendly, but they denied pets (and children under the age of 16) for health reasons.

However, this year, most Menards stores only allow service dogs inside, meaning non-service dogs like pets can’t get inside. In fact, the only reason the home improvement store allows service dogs is because the ADA requires it1.

However, some stores still allow dogs and other pets inside since the decision lies with the management. The signs at the entrance of most stores will let you know whether the store accepts pets.

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Why Don’t Some Menards Stores Allow Dogs Inside

There are several reasons why some Menards stores are pretty strict on their no-dogs-allowed policy. Some of them include the following.

Possibility of a Dog Attack

There’s always the possibility of a dog attack inside the store, which could result in a hefty lawsuit and give the entire brand a bad rap. Dogs that aren’t used to being around people and dogs could easily attack. The 2011 Home Depot incident, where a dog bit part of a woman’s nose, is the perfect example of an unprovoked dog attack.

It’s worth noting that some dog breeds are naturally aggressive and will attack people and other dogs without warning. Most Menards stores banned all dog breeds (except service dogs) to curb the risk of a dog bite.

Allergic Customers

Approximately 33% of people with allergies in the US are allergic to dander from cats and dogs. Allowing dogs inside the store could make it unconducive for people with dog allergies. This contradicts the brand’s commitment to a seamless, customer-centered shopping and service experience.

Some Dogs Are Messy

Pooches without house training can leave their business anywhere, including inside a Menards store. Dogs can defecate or pee inside the stores, leaving an unpleasant mess and an even worse stench. The unsanitary environment is a huge turn-off for customers and tarnishes the brand’s reputation.

Some People Don’t Like Dogs

While dogs are adorable, fun-loving creatures, not everyone finds them affable. Some people find canines repulsive and prefer staying away from them. Menards wants a safe, conducive environment for all its customers regardless of whether they like dogs or not, even if it means keeping out all the dogs.

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What Is the Official Menards Dog Policy?

Menards has no standard policy on dogs and other pets, and policies vary from store to store. Some stores are pet-friendly and allow all dog breeds inside, provided they meet store-specific requirements. Others ask customers to leave their dogs and pets at home and have a zero-tolerance policy on pets, only allowing service dogs inside.

Ultimately, the decision to allow dogs lies with the store manager. Most store managers base their decisions on previous incidences, the general demographic, and customer preferences. The stores will put up signs all around the stores to inform customers about their pet policy.

This also means that dog policies vary by location. Menards stores in busy locations like cities and urban centers typically don’t accept dogs. These stores are usually a beehive of activity, and dog incidents disrupt the store’s efficiency and smooth running. Sometimes, a single pet incident can make managers change their stance on allowing dogs inside their stores.

What Is Menard’s Policy on Service Dogs

Menards understands the unique needs of people with disabilities and allows service dogs inside the stores. Service dogs are specially trained canines that assist people with disabilities in living more independently. They’re almost an extension of people with disabilities, meaning most can’t go anywhere without them.

If you’re living with a disability and own a service dog, be sure it wears a vest indicating it’s a service dog. Doing so clears up any confusion and lets the store attendants know that the canine accompanying you is a service dog.

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Tips for Taking Your Dog to Menards

It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure your pup is well-behaved while visiting the Menards store.

Here are a few tips to ensure your visit is smooth:
  • Check the signs and posters outside for any changes to the store’s dog and pet policy
  • Don’t let your dog get too close to others while walking in the store
  • Always have your dog on a tight leash so that it can’t slip out off
  • Keep dogs with aggressive predispositions at home and away from the store
  • Ensure your dog is calm before entering the store, or it might break stuff and jump on strangers
  • Always be wary of other shoppers and how they react when your dog comes near them
  • Ensure you have enough poop bags, sanitary towels, and other products to clean up any mess your dog makes

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Final Thoughts

Whether dogs are allowed in Menards depends on the Menard store in question. However, it’s a good idea to leave your dog at home when you go shopping at Menards. Doing so avoids unnecessary inconvenience when you get to the store and realize you can’t take your pet inside.

Plus, it’s never a good idea to leave your dogs in the car bored and searing in the heat while you debate prices and floor layouts. Leave them at home with their favorite toys, finish your business at Menards, and go home to give your furry best friend some company.

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