10 Great Holiday Gifts for Great Pet Lovers

As promised, this week Im back with more holiday gift ideas, this time for pet lovers! (Before we proceed any further, know this — if...


As promised, this week Im back with more holiday gift ideas, this time for pet lovers! (Before we proceed any further, know this — if you would like to buy any or all of these gifts for me, contact me directly, Ill get you my P.O. box address …)

Whimsical and practical, artistic and sentimental, there should be something on this list to make any dog lover smile on Christmas morning!

1. Cold-Weather Walking Gear
I hate going out in the winter cold, but the right clothing helps me make the best of an admittedly dismal situation.

Four-season convertible dog walking jacket — This option-loaded jacket allows you to bring everything you need on your walk — poop bags, toys, iPod, keys, phone, etc.

I love my YakTrax boot grips, which slip onto the bottom of winter walking boots to provide extra traction and safety on icy surfaces. Warning: Take them off when you come inside. They can damage your hardwood floors, or be very slippery on tile.

2. Hands-Free Leash

A lot of people on the Rewarding Behaviors Facebook page mentioned that theyd like to find one of these under the tree this year. These are fantastic when you are training your dog to walk politely, when you want to walk your dog from the van to the house with your arms full of groceries, or when you may be pushing a stroller and walking the dog simultaneously. These multifunction leads look lovely, although I am not a big fan of the slip-collar option, and would rarely use the tie-out option.

3. Books

Here are four great books for pet lovers:

A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. You will laugh, you will cry, you will never forget this fantastic story!

Flawed Dogs: A Novel: The Shocking Raid on Westminster by Berkeley Breathed. A fantastic, fun read about a rogue Dachshund and his band of ragtag compatriots taking over the famous dog show, written and beautifully illustrated by the creator of comic strip Bloom County.

Merles Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote. A tribute to Merle the Labrador Retriever and his life with Ted on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park. Probably one of the most beautiful tributes to a dog I’ve ever read, even though I’m not a huge fan of the training techniques employed (youll know what Im talking about).

Chewed by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren. Perhaps the best coffee table book ever, Chewed is a photojournalistic account of the lives and deaths of countless brave stuffies who were sacrificed to the gods of doggy toy dissection.

4. Pet Portraits

We all love to see our pups in portraits! Two of my favorite artists are Kathryn Beals (who has done beautiful portraits of my dogs.) and Dean Russo (see above). I recently received one of Russos prints as a gift, and the colors are amazing.

5. Photobooks and Digital Picture Frames

These are pretty self-explanatory. You probably dont need much guidance from me with this one. In case you do, one word: Shutterfly. Moving on!

6. Personalized or Breed-Specific Ornaments

Again, I suggest you do a bit of shopping around. There are a variety of breed ornaments for the purebred devotees, but mutt moms and dads dont have to miss out! Look for photos that can be customized through etching or photo frame ornaments.

7. Plush Pet Replicas

These are a different kind of portrait: You can get a toy animal that is made to look just like your pet! There are no prices on this artist’s page, but her work is fantastic. I wonder how much one of my angel boy Monte would cost?

8. Fashion Treat Bags

I love supporting local businesses and craftspeople, and there are some fantastic bags available on Etsy that look as though they would make great treat pouches.Ill take one of these and one of these, TYVM.

9. Personalized Cookie Jars

These custom-made cookie jars are adorable and functional gifts. They can be customized to look like your dog, or feature your dogs name and photo. You can also have them etched with your favorite poochs name.

10. Personalized Doggie Jewelry

While they may not be for everyone, I am absolutely crazy about these dog nose print necklaces. Imagine it: Your dogs nose, the cutest, most smoochable nose on the planet, forever captured in a silver pendant. I seriously love these.

Pawprint necklaces are also available, but for fellow Saint Bernard moms, be warned that they may look more like a chestplate from a suit of armor than an actual necklace.

What pet-related gifts are on your holiday wish list this year? Let us know in the comments!

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