10 Dogs Who Wear Heart Shapes on Their Fur

These dogs show their hearts -- literally. Does your dog do the same? Add a photo to the mix!


Valentine’s Day is near. While it’s true the brimming presence of coupledom can feel a little oppressive, and one has to wonder if the holiday was conceived only for the benefit of card companies, it can also serve as a reminder that love is actually all around us all the time. There’s more love than just romantic love — there’s love between friends, between family, there’s love of yourself, and there’s the love of your devoted dog.

So, here are 10 dogs telling you much they love you. Whether it’s a heart-shaped spot or being curled up in a loving formation, dogs are not afraid to express their affection. We could definitely take a page from that book, and say, “I love you” to ourselves and each other more often.

And at the end of the page, you can upload photos of your own dogs’ heart-shaped spots or heart-shaped formations!

Are these dogs sleeping? Or is this just a really covert and clever message of affection?

This dog’s heart is only revealed when she’s curled up like a doughnut.

The way to this dog’s stomach is through his heart.

Or maybe your dog wears her heart on her tongue (with which she loves to show affection by licking everything in sight).

This dog only has an eye for you.

This dog’s heart-shaped spot is a little more subtle.

He loves you!

A Corgi butt only gets cuter with a heart.

Isn’t that a nose you’d love to kiss?

Don’t you just love it when puppies form a heart?

Do you have a dog with a heart-shaped spot? Add your photo to the gallery below by clicking the “Select Photos” button below.

Photo: Cute little Chihuahua puppy with sign “I Love You” by Shutterstock

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