Please Dogsters...Inky (DOTD 3.5.07) Needs Our Prayers!!

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Run Sammy J, run- like the wind!!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 6:48am PST 
My beloved Inky is not doing very well!! (DOTD 3.5.07). She's been falling a lot and is really showing signs of the mini-stroke she had at Christmas. She's going to see Dr. Liz for more bloodwork and we're all hoping and praying that this is just temporary and she'll bounce back within a few days. I'm very worried about my Inky Dinky Doo and it's important to me that she knows how much we all love her, and that we all put our paws together and say lots of prayers for her and her wonderful family right now.

Please Dogsters, send Inky your love and prayers!!! (Her Dogster #170497).

Scout (aka Stubby)hughughughughug

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God Speed to The- Bridge dearest- Sammy J!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 6:51am PST 
Inky, you are my bestest girlfriend and I love you with all of my heart!!! Me, mommy, daddy, the bunnies, the bird and, of course, Scout, are all thinking nothing but good, loving thoughts for you. We'll keep our prayers coming and we'll not rest until we have all the pups on Dogster supporting you too!!! We'll see you through this...I pawmise!

I love you my dear friend!!! And your family!!!


Barked: Sat May 12, '07 7:21am PST 
hug O Inky we are so very sorry to here the news we are sending ~~~healing waves~~~ your way we so hope all will work out you have been such dear pals to us and it just breaks our heart take care dear one snoopy

Puppy Love
Daisy and Tammy

Sooke "In- Loving- Memory"

Fluffy Puppy
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 10:22am PST 
I think you were my first pal when I came on Dogster. I hope and pray that you can do well. No one likes to hear of a dog in trouble especially when they came to be my friend when I knew no one! For that I am forever linked to you and hope that I can be a good guardian angel for you.
April- 2/4/95-4/4/0- 9

I love laying in- the sun! =)
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 11:41am PST 
Poor Inky!! frown We hope she starts feeling better soon. We'll keep her in our thoughts! hugwishes
Cosmo Enyce- Politan

Got your owner- LQQKin!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 1:43pm PST 
So sorry to hear that Inky is not doing well! We are praying very hard for her speedy recovery!!

Healing Hugs and Kisses hughughug

Cosmo, Scruffy and Mommy
Nikita- Sophia- ღ- ღ

I have a new fur- sis!!!!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 2:00pm PST 
Inky, my entire fur family have their collective paws crossed for you and our humans have added you to their prayer list.

hug hug hug
The Roo- Crew™- ©®

We go together- like peas &- carrots

Barked: Sat May 12, '07 3:14pm PST 
Oh, poor sweet Inky!!

Paws together for you! Our pack is praying..

Sammy and the Roo Crew
Magnolia,- J.B.O-p.D.M

Stir The Pot to- Prevent- Sticking!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 4:22pm PST 
We have a new member of our pack, and she swings a bigger butt than Geneva.
This means that when we think good thoughts for you? They'll be amplified.
We hope you feel better soon. We love you.
Mags and the Gang
(sounds like a cheesy band, I know...)

Barked: Sat May 12, '07 4:29pm PST 
I'm so sorry to hear Inky isn't feeling well. We will be thinking of Inky and your family. I hope everything goes ok and Inky gets well soon. Please keep us posted.

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