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Quick Facts

  • Weight: 66 - 100 pounds
  • Height: 24 - 27.5 inches

The Beauceron has a large, athletic frame—muscular but light—covered in a short, dense, black & tan coat. Its long-muzzled head has clean-cut features, oval-shaped eyes and ears that point straight up. The Beauceron has a strong neck, deep chest and a thick tail that hangs low.


  • Obedient
  • Hardworking
  • Confident
  • Gentle
  • Versatile

Ideal Human Companion

  • Experienced dog handlers
  • Active singles
  • Families with older children

What They Are Like to Live With

Beaucerons are hardworking and determined herding dogs, but around the home they are gentle and sociable, always ready to play, walk or cuddle. Slightly reserved with people outside the family circle, Beaucerons have powerful protective instincts. They can be especially watchful and caring with children. With proper training and socialization, the Beauceron will get along fine with other dogs and cats.

Things You Should Know

The Beauceron can live as long as 12 years with relatively few genetic health issues. Some may develop hip dysplasia.

Grooming the Beauceron is a piece of cake. Bathe the dog occasionally and brush regularly. During fall and spring shedding seasons, the brushing schedule should be increased to keep up with the excess amount of fur. Exercise the Beauceron every day, and feed it smaller meals to reduce the potential for bloat.

Beauceron History

Dating back to Renaissance-era France, the Beauceron has spent centuries herding sheep and cattle on European farms. Known mainly in France, the Beauceron is the shorthaired relation of its longhaired cousin the Berger de Brie (Briard).