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How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Pee? What You Need to Know!

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Pee? What You Need to Know!

Having to get up to let your dog out and back in again five minutes later can be a nuisance. Worse still is if you have to take it out for a walk when it’s time to wee. But, if you force your dog to hold it in for too long, it can lead to a mess in the house and may also cause your dog to get ill.

Typically, an adult dog will need to urinate between three and five times a day, can go between 8 and 10 hours without having urinated, in normal circumstances, and a healthy adult dog will pass between 10ml and 20ml of urine, per day, for each pound of body weight.

A 60-pound Labrador, therefore, should be passing between 600ml and 1200ml of liquid in a 24 hour period.

Some dogs use the guise of going out to urinate as an excuse to go in the yard and play, and it can be frustrating. But, in most cases, you should listen to your dog’s urinary requirements. If you notice they are peeing a lot more often, without good cause, or they are struggling to pee at all, it could be a sign that something is wrong and should be investigated, initially by you but potentially by a veterinarian.

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Is It Normal for a Dog to Only Pee Twice a Day?

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It is recommended that a dog goes out to pee between three and five times a day, so only peeing twice a day is considered too little.

  • Dehydration is one obvious cause so check that your dog is drinking enough. Measure the amount of water your dog drinks in 24 hours. Your dog should always have access to fresh, clean water. Normally a dog should drink around 1 oz or 1/8 of a cup of water per pound of body weight. If your dog is not drinking enough, look for ways to encourage him to drink more.
  • Urinary tract infections and urinary stones are other possible causes of infrequent urination. Both can be painful and uncomfortable and are more common in senior female dogs. Bacterial infections, nerves, anxiety, trauma, cancer, and even genetic predispositions are all possible causes.

How Long Can My Dog Go Without Peeing?

Most vets recommend that a dog doesn’t go longer than 8 hours without peeing, although some can and do wait 10 to 12 hours in between. Ideally, you should try to get yourself and your dog into a routine whereby they go out the last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and then roughly every 6 to 8 hours in between. This should enable your dog to maintain a healthy urinary schedule that is healthy and efficient.

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How Much Urine Should a Dog Pass in 24 Hours?

Estimates vary and every dog is a little bit different. In fact, some dogs will pee more one day compared to the last, but experts generally agree that dogs should pass between 10ml and 20ml every day, per pound of body weight. Smaller dogs and puppies tend to pee more, and if you see your dog drinking more water, know that it has to come out the other end, so it will likely experience more prolific urination.

Honestly, it’s challenging to calculate how much your dog is weeing. You are going to have to try and catch it in a container if you really want a precise measure, but you can start by determining the number of trips outdoors you make and whether a pee seems shorter or longer than usual. It isn’t a strict scientific measure but it can indicate changes in urinary habits.

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What Can I Give My Dog to Help Her Pee?

There are occasions when you might need to help your dog pee more. This can be especially important if she has a urinary tract infection or UTI. Something like cranberry juice not only acts as a diuretic, encouraging the dog to urinate, but it also does a good job of flushing bacteria off the bladder walls so that it can be washed out in the urine. Always consult with your dog’s vet before giving cranberry juice or any other natural remedy, to ensure that there isn’t some reason to avoid it.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has a Bladder Infection?

A UTI is one of the most common causes of increased or decreased urination volume. Other signs include accidents in the house, blood in the urine, and licking the area. These signs can also be signs of other problems such as poisoning or cancer, so if you are concerned, you should go and see a vet as soon as possible.

How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Pee?

Dogs typically pee between three and five times a day and produce between 10ml and 20ml of urine per pound of dog weight, per day. If you notice that your dog is peeing more or less than usual or is having difficulties while outside, monitor the situation and consult a vet. It could be a bladder infection or UTI, but it could also be a sign of something more serious.

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