Young couple feeding their dog with healthy green food from the eco market at home

What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?

What vegetables can dogs eat? Can dogs eat tomatoes? And can dogs eat carrots, celery, avocados and corn? Learn what vegetables are safe for dogs, what vegetables are good for dogs — and which veggies dogs should avoid.
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What vegetables can dogs eat? Can dogs eat tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, corn and other vegetables? This is a question — like “can dogs eat apples, grapes, strawberries and other fruits?” — that I’ve often asked myself while strolling through the local farmers’ market or the produce section of the grocery store. Here at Dogster, let’s answer the question, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” by looking at the dos and don’ts for a few common vegetables:

An English bulldog puppy with tomatoes.
Are tomatoes safe for dogs to eat? The answer is it’s complicated. Photography by Tatiana Katsai / Shutterstock.

Can dogs eat tomatoes?

Are tomatoes safe for dogs to eat? Sort of — and be careful. Large quantities of tomato should not be fed to dogs; ingested in great enough volumes, naturally occurring chemicals in the fruit can cause heart and nervous system problems.

However, this may cause some consternation, but in small quantities, the tomato fruit is okay for dogs. There has long been debate on dogs and tomatoes, but the worst a little bit of ripe tomato will do to a dog is cause some stomach upset.

The green parts of the tomato plant — the vine, leaves, stems and unripe fruit — are another matter altogether. Solanine is a chemical found in high concentrations in these parts. One of the tomato’s natural defenses, solanine is found throughout the nightshade family, including the tomato and potato. If you have tomatoes in your garden, you’re better off keeping the dog out.

what vegetables can dogs eat
Can dogs eat carrots? 

Can dogs eat carrots?

Another common question dog parents have when thinking, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” concerns carrots. Your dog is safe with carrots, preferably cut up into smaller sticks or pieces that they can easily chew on. Read More: Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

Can dogs eat celery?

Interestingly enough, too much celery can cause dogs to urinate a great deal more than usual. But cut into small, chewable, digestible pieces — with the leaves removed— celery is okay for dogs in limited amounts.

A dog on the grass eating a cucumber.
Cucumbers are safe for dogs to eat. Look at this tiny gentleman gnawing on one! Photography by Little Moon / Shutterstock.

Can dogs eat cucumbers?

Another common vegetable to consider when thinking, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” is cucumbers. Especially if it’s peeled and given in chewable portions, cucumber is fine for dogs. As for pickles, the excess of vinegar and salt in pickles may be a bit more than your dog’s digestive system would appreciate.

Can dogs eat avocado?

Parts of the avocado tree and fruit contain a natural antifungal agent called persin, which is hazardous to dogs when consumed in great enough quantities. Needless to say the pit or seed of an avocado should not be given to a dog; aside from the natural toxins it contains, it can cause intestinal blockages. However, it’s safe for dogs to eat the green, fruit part of an avocado in small amounts.

what vegetables can dogs eat
Is corn okay for dogs to eat? What about popcorn for dogs?Photography by Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / Shutterstock.

Can dogs eat corn? What about popcorn?

While the kernels of ripe corn are okay for dogs, the cob itself is a bit more dangerous. Ingested by a dog, even small pieces of corn cob can tear at and cause damage to the walls of a dog’s digestive tract. As for popcorn, take common-sense precautions. Plain and unadorned — that is to say, air popped, with neither salt nor butter — popcorn can be a nice treat for a dog. Bottom line: served in an appropriate manner, both corn and popcorn are safe for dogs to eat.

Can dogs eat broccoli?

Broccoli is another staple to consider when questioning, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” In very small amounts, the head of broccoli should not present any issues for your dog, but only in very small amounts. Received wisdom across multiple sources suggests that if it accounts for no more than five to 10 percent of a dog’s daily food intake, broccoli is all right for dogs. More than that and you can have a dog with a severely upset stomach. Therefore, broccoli is another yes and no affair; use your best judgement.


what vegetables can dogs eat
Are potatoes safe for dogs to eat? Photography by

As with tomatoes, the leaves, stems and unripened fruit of potato plants contain solanine, which is toxic to dogs. Even ripe, a potato is not a good idea for dog nutrition. Peeled, and then cooked or mashed, on the other hand, your dog may enjoy a bit of potato. Observe the same caution you would with popcorn, and make sure there’s no salt or butter present. The same — no additives — goes for sweet potatoes, even though they are fundamentally different plants.

Can dogs eat onions?

Eaten by dogs, onions cause red blood cells to break down, a condition called hemolytic anemia. The breakdown of red blood cells means that the dog gets less oxygen. The more concentrated the onion, the more quickly it works. Read More: So, Your Dog Ate Onions – Here’s What to Know

Can dogs eat garlic? Your dog should avoid garlic as well for the same reason. If you’re like me and enjoy onion in your guacamole, it’s even more a reason to keep that avocado dip you find delicious well away from your dog. The answer here is definitely no.

Can dogs eat asparagus?

Asparagus is another household veggie that crops up when thinking, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” Well, as long as the amount is small and reasonable, asparagus presents no problems for dogs.

Can dogs eat green beans?

Green beans, in moderation, are fine for dogs. Raw or cooked, as long as you avoid salt and other additives, your dog may enjoy some green beans.

Can dogs eat peas?

If you dog has a taste for peas, then by all means, let them have a few! When it comes to, “What vegetables can dogs eat?” this one is a yes.

In 1816, Richard Lawrence wrote that “parsnips, carrots, cabbages, and, indeed all vegetable matter, will feed dogs sufficiently well for the purposes of their existence.” Fortunately, we know better now to steer our dogs clear of avocado and onion, as well as to keep them from many unripened vegetable plants in the garden.

Tell us: What kinds of vegetables do your dogs seem to enjoy? Have you ever offered a carrot stick to your dog, only to be met with a blank stare? Let us know about your dog’s experiences with veggies in the comments!

Thumbnail: Photography by Helen Hotson / Shutterstock.

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122 thoughts on “What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?”

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  2. Just wanted to point out that in the body of your article you say that the green fruit of the avocado is OK to feed but at the end of the article you single it out with onions as a definite no

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  7. I never feed my dog legumes, incl. peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans. Besides the fact that his GI tract does not settle well on them, there has been a lot of info in the past year suggesting they are not healthy for dogs, particularly in regard to heart health. There are not a whole lot of kibble options that are legume free, but they’re definitely a few, and it will be worth your while to do your research on that.

    While I totally agree with the author of the article about onions, not so much on garlic. Without question, an overload of garlic, especially fresh garlic, isn’t good. But garlic in small amounts…and there is a lot of information online about what’s safe…is actually good for dogs. I would not rule out garlic 100%.

    I completely agree about popcorn, in moderation, being a great snack for dogs. I also agree that butter and salt should definitely not be used. But I also think that popcorn popped with oil, should not be used, when possible. There is actually one microwave popcorn out there that only has the popcorn kernels in the bag, no oil, no butter, no salt, and they pop very well. You take out a handful initially and give that to your dog (after letting it cool down a bit, of course!), then you yourself can go in afterwards and put whatever oils, butter, salt etc., that you wish. Do your research and, again, you will find at least one brand, which oftentimes can be found in the more healthy grocery stores, that is JUST the popcorn with nothing else.

    Interesting what you write about avocado… There is an actual dog food brand that famously features avocado in its kibble. I’ve always wondered about that and whether or not it’s truly safe.

    And finally… I am absolutely stunned that you did not mention pumpkin and squash! Those two are some of the best vegetables you can give your dog. Lots of fiber, tons of vitamins, and low sugar, they even provide some protein. Several dog foods are now featuring pumpkin in particular, but also squash, within the top five ingredients of their kibble as they are excellent binders for the kibble, rather than the more frequent peas. I use two different brands of kibble for my dog and all the flavors I use from them, which are limited ingredient, feature pumpkin within the first five ingredients, and two new flavors coming out in February 2020 from one of those brands will be featuring butternut squash. None of these kibbles have legumes nor potatoes (although some of their other flavors do).

    I would name these various brands of kibble and popcorn, but I have a feeling that goes against the policy of posting here. If I find out it’s not against the rules, then I certainly will do so.

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  14. My little man Romeo, a 7lb 10 yr old Poodle, loves all the green veggies. Broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, avocado and especially brussel sprouts. All in small quantities as treats. He also loves popcorn as a treat.

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  19. Stephen Scharaldi

    I just read an article in Medical News Today that you should never feed a dog avocados as the contain a substance called persin that csuses vomiting and diarrhea in dogs yet you are claiming its ok!!!??? What is it ??? I will err on the side of caution and not give any amount to my dog. I am also deleting this application. Hopefully no dogs will get poisoned.

    1. I have also been told by several Veterinarians and read widely that avocado is a BIG NO NO for dogs. So are mushrooms and asparagus.

  20. My dog LOVES carrots, cauliflower,peas, tomatoes, every time I’m cutting up veggies she’s right there looking up at me! Especially carrots and cauliflower!! But she’s willing to try them all! I give carrots to the rabbit and she steals them.

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  22. I have a year old Chihuahua I didn’t know she liked tomatoes till today when I was eating a fresh tomato an she got all excited and wanted some so I gave her a slice she really liked it ..

  23. Justin Everett

    My dog, a pit lab mix, loves and i mean loves carrots, bananas, apples, broccoli stems, she dosnt care for the top just the stalk and as far as i can tell she will eat my vegetarian diet right along with me. loves plain oatmeal, she will spin in circles when i make rice because she knows she’s going to get some. I have a weird dog. One other thing i’ve noticed is that she will eat fish oil capsules right out of my hand.

  24. Catherine Desmond

    Our little girl, all hundred pounds of her, only likes carrots if I get the longest thin ones I can find, peel them and then she takes the Carrot between her paws and starts at the very top, bites pieces off and spits them out until she gets to a point where she starts eating it. She does exact same thing with celery the longer piece the better. Go figure lol

  25. My chihuahua cross LOVES carrots, but he developed diabetes, and carrots are high in sugar, so they are now a no-no.

  26. My one girl loves a green salad.. lettuce, tomato, cucumber…also snow peas, frozen peas and corn and carrots are favorites.. my other girl likes it all except the salad…am I the only one that finds it hilarious the next day after corn for dinner/lunch the day before?!?! ????…

  27. Cheyenne Eldridge

    My tiny doggo LOVES apples and carrots. I peel everything before giving it to him but I cook him carrots with shaved steak and potatoes for dinner and sweet potatoes with turkey sausage and apples for breakfast. He is a 3lb chihuahua

  28. I juice so I use the left over part of the carrot and or a celery and mix in with my dogs chicken which I boil and grind up…
    My pups loves it but would not eat a carrot that was whole piece…

  29. Hi – my 7 year old Korean Jindo loves cooked pumpkin, cooked sweet potato, raw apples (but only certain varieties – just like me), and sometimes raw carrots. It’s funny that one day he’ll eat carrots and the next he turns up his nose to them. Can’t wait to try some frozen peas and blueberries when it’s hot this summer! BTW, I had a cat who lived to be 19 who loved bananas! She would also steal butterscotch candies if I didn’t keep them out of reach!

  30. My Dixie (4 year old shih-poo) absolutely loves bananas, broccoli stems, spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, edamame, snap peas and to a lesser degree sweet potato. If she thinks those are being prepared or eaten with a sacrifice to her, we get the saddest, poutiest face one could imagine. Needless to say, by providing these as snacks, she lost 1.8 lbs over 6 months (under vet supervision). She’s now a healthy, lean, 12 lbs.

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