JustFoodForDogs Offers Human-Grade Food for Dogs

JustFoodForDogs is a California-based company that offers small-batch, preservative-free meals for our canine friends.

Just Food for Dogs.
Just Food for Dogs.

Manhattan is my favorite foodie hot spot, and soon the dog food scene will be sizzling, too. JustFoodForDogs, a California-based company that cooks small-batch, preservative-free meals, will soon open an exhibition kitchen inside the Union Square Petco to promote its mission that dogs live healthier lives by eating human-grade food.

The JFFD chefs produce 1,500 pounds of fresh food daily, while consumers consult with onsite certified nutritionists about trading in kibble for dishes like beef and russet potato sprinkled with a specialized nutrient blend that balances out the meal.

How JFFD Works

Kitchen JFFD.
A JFFD Kitchen.

“Our founder did trials that proved our food is healthier,” says JFFD CEO Carey Tischler. Thirty participating dogs quit their kibble diets cold turkey and ate whole foods for a year. A series of blood tests proved the dogs were in better shape, Carey says.

JFFD has six stand-alone kitchens in California, and through the Petco partnership, Carey plans to serve pups nationwide, starting with New York City, Seattle and Boston this year.

Even if you can’t dine in, delivery is available. My Chiweenie, Lucy, gained foodie status at home by ordering from justfoodfordogs.com. Her five-star rating? The dehydrated chicken breast treat.

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11 thoughts on “JustFoodForDogs Offers Human-Grade Food for Dogs”

  1. i absolutely love this site – full of great content and such an easy read!
    ive shared this site with my mum who also has a dog and is struggling during this lockdown. She has found it extremely helpful with her 5 year old dachshund as she is isolating!

  2. You can feed your dog all the cooked ‘Human Grade’ food you want but NOTHING is better than feeding any pet (dog/cat/ferret) RAW. Dogs and their ancestors have lived for eons without kibble, canned food and now the FAD, cooked ‘Human Grade’ food with no Ill effects. Let’s face it, dogs wouldn’t be here today if they couldn’t live (and thrive) off of whatever prey they were able to kill and eat. Dog’s/wolves didn’t stand around waiting for their kill to be roasted and served au jus with herb encrusted vegetables! Heck, even modern wolves and stray dogs don’t go raiding farmers crops – even if they’re starving!
    Get your heads out of the sand and do some research. This whole ‘Human Grade’ cooked dog food thing is nothing more than another money making fad and those who buy into it deserve to have their wallets drained.
    I’ve fed my 4.5 year old GSD raw since she was 9 weeks old and I’ve NEVER had a healthier pet. She she sees a hollistic vet once a year for a checkup and has never had less than a 5 star report.
    Don’t let your vet tell you feeding raw is wrong either, they make a huge profit from the crap food sold through their practices. The amount of study done on nutrition in veterinarian school could fill a thimble -literary! I’m not saying you’re vet doesn’t love animals, but they do need to make a living – sadly at the expense of your pet. If everyone’s pets’ only needed yearly checkups, and no one purchased the garbage food they peddle, I know their bottom line would suffer big time.
    So people, do some research and start treating your dog like what it is – a dog!

    1. Raw sounds good. And the historical references are nice. But if we used that as guidance, we humans would be dining on grubs, random roots and anything that moves.

      Dogs have evolved over time to eat newer stuff…just like us.

      I am happy for the health of your dogs and the satisfaction that brings you. But there are lot’s of schools of thought on this subject – just like the human diet.

      Personally, I like the omnivore approach for all of us. Our dog gets a grain free rotation of salmon, lamb, catfish, pork, whitefish and turkey. The kibble has vegetables. We supplement with our leftover proteins.
      I bet her coat is as shiny as your dogs!

  3. Awesome article I will recommend and share you article as well as your website with my friends, family and business contacts, I am a pet and animal lover so this article provdes me really interesting information thank you.


    1. I hope you and all your buddies have tiny dogs or huge bank accounts because this ‘Human Grade’ food thing is nothing more than a money making fad. If you really want healthy ‘furkids’ try feeding them a raw diet – no veggies, fruits, rice, potatos etc.. Just plain raw meat, bone and entrails period (20%bone 70%meat 10% giblets/tripe, etc.).
      Don’t let your vet try and talk you out of it either. They have to make a living too and well pets with parents who don’t buy the garbage food they peddle really cuts into their profits. The amount a non-holistic vet learns about nutrition in school could literally fill a thimble!
      Since the invention of processed and now cooked dog food, disease and cancer rates have soared, life spans have been cut in half. All this for the convenience of humans.
      Please do your research before wasting your money. Dr. Mercola has a great site to start with. Since I started feeding raw, I’ve NEVER had healthier pets. My last cat lived 2 months shy of 19! I completely stopped all vaccinations when she was ten, but that’s another very relevant subject.
      My 100lb GSD see’s her holistic vet once a year for her checkup, and always with stellar reports. I use no flea or tick prevention (only essential oils mixed with distilled water once a day) and in 4.5 years she’s had 2 ticks, no fleas – however, I do live in a part of the country where ticks do not carry lymes disease but we do have loads of fleas. My last GSD, although on the most expensive foods suffered terribly with everything from allergies to arthritis. He was in the vet’s office so much that when I finally had to let him go, all the techs came in and cried with me. From then on I vowed never again!
      Please take my advice and do the research, you’ll see I’m right. Dogs and their ancestors didn’t make it this far on kibble, canned food and now cooked ‘Human Grade’ food.

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