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Custom Cookie Cutters

Are your dogs like mine? Faces so cute you just want to eat them up! Now we all can — by making our dog’s face into a custom-designed cookie.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Sep 19th 2019

Ivan Gersonskiy came up with this brilliant idea. “I make a custom design based on the photo of a dog,
cat or any other pet (like lemur, parrot, squirrel, etc.) and then we 3D print it,” Ivan explains. “All cutters are made of food-safe, biodegradable plastic.”

Just send a photo of your dog (or any other pet) and it will become a cookie cutter — and a wagalicious gift for you or any pet lover. “The first pet portrait cutter I made was a cookie cutter of my own dog,” Ivan says. “It turned out really great, and it was such fun to make these cookies.”

One of Ivan’s recent orders was a portrait of a dog for his 20th birthday. “They are making a family celebration,” says Ivan, “and I’m happy to participate just a little bit in such an amazing event. Each pet portrait I make is special to me; I’m trying to catch the personal features and character of each. I really enjoy my work. What can be more positive than happy cat or dog faces?” Cookie cutters retail for $27. See Bakers Street Cutters at etsy.com/shop/bakersstreetcutters.       

About the author:

Covering the pet world for more than 25 years, Melissa L. Kauffman has been an editor/writer for a wide variety of pet magazines and websites from the small critters to parrots to cats and dogs. Her advisory team of rescued pets — dogs Tampa Bay and Justice and parrots Deacon and Pi-Pi — help keep her on top of the latest and greatest pet health research, training and products, anything to give keep them in the high life they are accustomed to. Follow Tampa and his crew on Instagram @tampa.bay.pup.report while Melissa can always be found working on the next issue of Catster and Dogster magazines at caster.com and dogster.com.