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Why Does My Australian Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere? 4 Reasons & Tips To Prevent It

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on July 23, 2024 by Dogster Team

Australian Shepherd following a young boy

Why Does My Australian Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere? 4 Reasons & Tips To Prevent It

Having dogs around is a blast, but sometimes our pups can be clingy. And if you have an Australian Shepherd, then you’ve likely experienced your pet following you around absolutely everywhere. But why does your Australian Shepherd enjoy following you around?

The biggest reason is probably that they love you and want to be close, but there are a few other possible reasons for this behavior. A couple of these reasons could lead to behavioral issues if not remedied, so keep reading to find out why exactly your Australian Shepherd seems to be your shadow!


The 4 Reasons Why Your Australian Shepherd Follows You

Your Australian Shepherd is likely constantly stuck to you like glue because you’re their person. And as their person, your pup wants to be involved in everything you do. Australian Shepherds are naturally loyal, eager to please, and active, which can result in a dog clinging to you as you go about your day so they can “help” and be close. There are some other reasons for this behavior, though.

1. Wants Attention

Your Australian Shepherd may just be seeking your attention. Our dogs are pretty good about letting us know when it’s time to pay attention to them! Following you around could be your pet’s way of indicating it’s time to stop what you’re doing and give them some love.

Australian shepherd with Owner
Image Credit: PxHere

2. Boredom

Or your Australian Shepherd might be bored, which is a problem you want to fix quickly because pups that are constantly bored can end up engaging in destructive behaviors, such as chewing up the house. You can remedy this by ensuring your dog is getting plenty of exercise every day and by investing in some toys that are both fun and mentally stimulating.

An even better way to relieve boredom in your Australian Shepherd, though, is by giving them a job to do around the house. This breed is a working breed, so they want to be doing something useful. And because these pups are easy to train, you should have no problems teaching them how to help out.

3. Timid or Afraid

There’s also a chance that your pet is being skittish about something. Australian Shepherds are typically quite confident, but they can also be wary of things outside of their people. Training them from a young age to be confident in the world around them will go a long way to avoiding a timid pup.

happy young woman cuddling australian shepherd dog while sitting on couch
Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

4. Separation Anxiety

Finally, your dog may have separation anxiety. If this is the case, it’s something you’ll need to work on with your dog. Dogs with separation anxiety can become frantic if they’re away from their people, which can result in constant barking, destructive behavior, and going to the bathroom in the house. And besides the physical damage that can occur, being anxious and stressed like this every time they’re away from you is quite taxing on your pup.

Luckily, there are various ways to help your Australian Shepherd with separation anxiety, such as training, anxiety medication, or even homeopathic remedies.


The 5 Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Following You Everywhere

If you want a bit more independence from your furry friend, there are ways you can go about encouraging your dog not to follow you everywhere.

  • Keep your dog busy with toys or jobs around the house.
  • Put up baby gates.
  • Give your pup tons of attention when they’re doing something other than following you everywhere.
  • Ensure your dog is getting the amount of daily exercise they need.
  • Socialize your pet so they can build up their confidence in being around people (and pets) other than you.

With just a bit of work, you should be able to help your Australian Shepherd find more to do around the house other than just following you everywhere you go.

Toy Australian Shepherd playing with a frisbee
Image Credit: Wolfgang Hasselmann, Unsplash

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Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds can be rather clingy at times, especially with their favorite person in the home. If your dog has become your shadow and follows you every time you move, the most likely reason is that you are their favored person, and they want to be involved in everything you do. However, your dog could also be following you because they want attention, are bored or scared, or have separation anxiety.

If you’d prefer a bit of breathing room between you and your pup, there are ways you can help them stop following you everywhere. Whether that’s by keeping your dog occupied or putting up baby gates around the home, eventually, you should have less of a shadow.

Featured Image Credit: cottonbro, Pexels

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