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10 Fascinating Weimaraner Facts: Vet-Approved Guide

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

weimaraner dog standing in the grass

10 Fascinating Weimaraner Facts: Vet-Approved Guide

The Weimaraner is a beautiful dog breed that boasts a sleek-gray coat with gorgeous-colored eyes that can be amber, gray, or blue-gray. These dogs are intelligent and athletic with impeccable tracking abilities. They are friendly, obedient, and fearless, which are just a few of their exceptional qualities. Part of the sporting group, they were originally bred for accompanying their owners when hunting big game such as deer and bears.

Weimaraners also make excellent family companions. They are quick learners, eager to please, and devoted to their humans. In this post, we’ll focus on 10 fascinating facts about the Weimaraner. Keep reading to learn more about these beautiful dogs.

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The 10 Facts About Weimaraners

1. Weimaraner Puppies Are Born With Stripes and Blue Eyes

We’ve mentioned how beautiful the Weimaraner’s coat is, but did you know puppies are born with tiger stripes? It’s true—however, the stripes fade within a few days of being born, and that is when the gorgeous gray coat comes into play. Not only are they born with tiger stripes, but they are also born with blue eyes. The eyes slowly change color as they mature, turning amber, gray, or blue-gray.

Weimaraner Puppies
Image Credit: Monica Martinez Do-Allo, Shutterstock

2. They Have a High Prey Drive

Weimaraners were bred as hunting dogs, which explains their high prey drive. They have a strong urge to chase. If you’re contemplating adding a Weimaraner to your family, it’s essential you have a fenced and secured yard—your Weimaraner can be gone in a flash if he sees something worthy of chasing, such as a squirrel or bird. They are naturally obedient and respond well to consistent training, but they can have an assertive side and may ignore your commands when focused on potential prey.

3. They Love Being With Their Humans

Weimaraners adore their human families, but sometimes this may be problematic. These dogs may get into mischief if left alone for long periods, and they are also prone to separation anxiety. They form strong bonds and are known as “Velcro dogs.” You can help curb this behavior starting when they are young with training. However, bear in mind before you get any dog, how long they will need to be left for. Dogs, and particularly Weimaraners, are social animals and don’t like being alone for too long.

weimaraner dog with his owner
Image By: Tatjana Baibakova, Shutterstock

4. Celebrities Have Owned the Breed

Celebrities such as Grace Kelly, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and artist William Wegman have owned Weimaraners. In fact, Wegman is famously known for his Weimaraner artwork. His two Weimaraners, Flo and Topper, can be seen in 11 mosaic murals in the 23rd Street F/M subway station in New York City.

5. Their Nickname Is the “Gray Ghost”

The “Gray Ghost” nickname fits simply from their gray coat; however, that’s not the only reason they have earned the name. We’ve mentioned they are exceptional hunters, and they move with grace—almost in a stealthy, cat-like manner. Another reason they have earned this nickname is that they love to disguise their scent. How do they do that? By rolling around in something stinky and fowl—any retched scent will do.

weimaraner lying near a lake
Image By: Matthias_Groeneveld, Pixabay

6. They Are Highly Intelligent

When we say Weimaraners are smart, we mean they are smart, so much so that they are sometimes referred to as a dog with a “human brain” due to their independent thinking. This breed has been ranked as the 25th smartest dog breed in the world regarding obedience and working intelligence. However, when it comes to instinctive intelligence, they are outstanding and at the top due to their hunting and tracking skills. It takes a special breed to track game as well as the Weimaraner, and they are among the best of the best.

7. They Have an “Off” Switch

It’s no secret at this point in this post that these dogs are exceptional hunters, but thankfully, most have an “off” switch. It means that when the hunting day is through, they can shut off the hunting excitement and relax with humans. In the old days, this breed was known as a gentleman’s dog and was accustomed to hunting all day long. However, when the day was done, the Weimaraner would relax by the fire with his favorite people.

weimaraner resting on couch
Image Credit: Meghan Huberdeau, Shutterstock

8. They Are Fast Runners

Weimaraners are exceptional runners and can reach up to 35 miles an hour, but don’t expect your Weimaraner to reach these speeds in the backyard. They typically reach these speeds while hunting down prey or chasing other animals. They have a moderate amount of endurance while running long distances, but their endurance will depend on the amount of exercise they receive each day. We should add that they run with elegance, and it’s a sight to see.

9. They Are Excellent Swimmers

Not only are Weimaraners excellent hunters, but they are also excellent swimmers. This is partly due to their webbed feet which help them paddle. In fact, many of them take to the water quickly and naturally. However, some Weimaraners do not like the water, and you may end up with one that wants no part of it. You can teach them to swim and get comfortable, but if your Weimaraner insists on not getting wet, don’t force it.

weimaraner dog swimming
Image Credit: MaCross-Photography, Shutterstock

10. Some Have Tiny Horns on Their Head

Yes, some Weimaraners have tiny horns on top of their heads, but not in the way you envision. Rather, these tiny “horns”, are little flaps of skin that rest above the ears that give off a “horn” look. These horns are also called Harrasburg Horns due to the belief that dogs born with these extra lobes come from the Harrasburg line of Weimaraners.


Weimaraners make excellent companions and are loyal to their owners. They are friendly, intelligent, and eager to please their humans. If you’re an avid hunter, a Weimaraner will make an exceptional hunting companion. They can be a bit headstrong at times and need lots of exercise, but apart from that, they make excellent family companions. These beautiful dogs also make terrific watchdogs, and they are fearless and obedient.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning these 10 fascinating facts about Weimaraners, and if you’re already a Weimaraner owner, we hope you’ve learned some interesting facts!

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