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How Much Do Swedish Vallhunds Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

swedish vallhund dog in the grass

How Much Do Swedish Vallhunds Cost? 2024 Price Guide

The Swedish Vallhund is a delightful little dog that resembles a Corgi due to their tiny legs. These dogs, however, are unconnected. This breed, like the Corgi, was bred as a herding canine.

These dogs are extremely rare and generally prohibitively costly to acquire. Finding a breeder in your region might be difficult because they aren’t as widespread as other dog breeds. As a result, the Swedish Vallhund pricing is heavily influenced by available puppies near you.

Of course, you must also consider the additional costs associated with caring for these canines. We’ll go through all of these rates below so you can get an accurate estimate of how much a Swedish Vallhund costs.


Bringing Home a New Swedish Vallhund: One-Time Costs

It is challenging to locate Swedish Vallhunds unless you live in Sweden. Their distinct look has helped them grow in popularity. As a result, there are an increasing number of breeders in the United States and Europe.

These canines, however, are still pricey. A Swedish Vallhund will cost you significantly more than a more familiar breed.

swedish vallhund dog close up
Image Credit: Vera Reva, Shutterstock


You’ll be hard-pressed to find these dogs available at no charge. They are rare dogs, which makes them hard to find even for a cost. Therefore, finding them for free simply doesn’t happen all that often.

Be wary if you find a Swedish Vallhund offered for free. Free Swedish Vallhunds aren’t always Swedish Vallhunds. Sometimes they are purebred but not adequately cared for. Remember that if someone isn’t searching for cash in exchange for the dog, it’s possible that they haven’t invested much in the dog.

Getting a no-cost Swedish Vallhund from an acquaintance or relative, on the other hand, is entirely another story. Sometimes, people must rehome their dog, and giving the dog to a close family member makes sense.


  • $75–$300

These dogs are occasionally available for adoption. Yet, since they are scarce, they do not require as much rescuing as other pups. Check specialist rescues first. If these dogs ever do need to be rehomed, it’s these specialty rescues that often end up with them.

As you’d expect, adoption is often much cheaper than getting a dog from a breeder. There is, however, always a minor price involved. This charge is used to fund the dog’s immunizations and vet care while in the organization’s care.

Fortunately, when you adopt a dog, you frequently have to pay lower vet fees because the dog has already had all essential medical treatment. You don’t have to get the dog vaccinated, for instance.

swedish vallhund dog standing
Image Credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock


  • $400–$2,000

The cost of a Swedish Vallhund can vary greatly. A pet-quality dog from a breeder may cost between $500 and $1,500. Show dogs, on the other hand, may cost over $2,000.

The distinction between pet and show dogs is usually a difference in appearance, but this disparity doesn’t affect how good the dogs are as pets.

For someone looking to purchase a Swedish Vallhund, breeders are usually a costly choice. They are, however, frequently the only alternative. Puppies are in high demand, and you may have to wait until a puppy becomes available, even after finding a breeder.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $60–$280

Swedish Vallhunds are little dogs. As a result, they require less equipment. A Swedish Vallhund, for example, will require a tiny bed, allowing you to save some cash. Plus, they require little toys and collars. As a result, the Swedish Vallhund is substantially less expensive to set up and provide for than other canines.

You will, however, need to acquire a number of different goods to ensure your new dog thrives. These will set you back several hundred dollars. Even though the expenditures will be lower than for other dogs, you should still budget for them.

swedish vallhund dog licking its lips
Image Credit: James Douglas Stewart, Shutterstock

List of Swedish Vallhund Care Supplies and Costs

Toys $5–$50
Grooming Tools $5–$15
Bowls $5–$15
Collar and leash $10–$25
Bed $0–$40
Crate $45–$100

divider-dog paw

How Much Does a Swedish Vallhund Cost Per Month?

  • $50–$250 per month

You’ll have to budget for several monthly goods to ensure your dog is taken care of. For example, your dog requires food, medical treatment, grooming, and many other monthly supplies. All of them will cost on a monthly or yearly basis. As a result, you’ll need to work them into your budget.

Fortunately, Swedish Vallhunds aren’t too expensive to care for monthly. They consume less since they are rather small. Vet expenditures are also considerably less costly since smaller dogs require fewer procedures and require lower medication dosages.

We’ll review all of the regular charges you may anticipate spending for your dog down below.

Swedish Vallhund
Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock

Health Care

  • $25–$200 per month

Swedish Vallhunds are generally vigorous dogs. They were bred for a purpose, and health was essential when they were working in the field. As a result, they are a healthier breed as a whole, which decreases their vet bills.

They will, however, require immunizations, vet visits, and sporadic injury and illness treatment. Of course, some dogs will still get health issues even though they come from a “healthy breed”. You’ll also need to think about neutering or spaying your dog, an expensive one-time cost.


  • $25–$50 per month

Swedish Vallhunds eat less since they are small dogs. Still, you must continue to give them excellent food. You’ll pay around $40 per month for their meals. Choose AAFCO-certified dog food (which, thankfully, is most commercial meals existing today). These foods have to follow certain dietary standards.

Certain dogs may require more expensive diets if they have health issues. In many circumstances, you may have to pay significantly more for these prescription diets. Your vet can guide you should your canine end up with one of these health issues.

Swedish vallhund in the Bed
Image Credit: Ega78, Shutterstock


  • $0–$50 per month

You can groom your Swedish Valllhund at home most of the time. You’ll need to buy specific grooming equipment, but those are included in the setup charges above.

However, you’ll most likely need to get new ones on a regular basis. You’ll also need fresh dog shampoo, toothpaste, and a toothbrush but these grooming products aren’t too pricey.

Pet Insurance

  • $20–$65 per month

The cost of pet insurance is influenced in part by the dog’s breed. They are, however, governed mainly by your area. If you reside in an area with costly vet bills, your coverage will be significantly more costly. However, if you reside someplace with reduced vet fees, it will almost certainly be far cheaper than the national average.

The age of your dog is also an important consideration. Insurance for older dogs is usually more expensive since they are more likely to have health issues. Some insurance companies may not even insure older dogs for this reason.

Swedish Vallhund swimming in a river in summer
Image Credit: cynoclub, Shutterstock

Environmental Maintenance

There is no regular environmental upkeep for Swedish Vallhunds. Some dogs, on the other hand, may have different demands based on their surroundings and disposition. Dogs may need a heated house if they live somewhere particularly cold, for instance.

If your dog has a habit of chewing on furniture, you’ll need to fix it or replace it completely. However, this behavior doesn’t exist in all Swedish Valllhunds, and it is unlikely to be a recurring issue for the rest of their lives.


  • $0–$60 per month

Swedish Vallhunds are lively and bright dogs that require both mental and physical stimulation. Toys, rewards, and exercise that entertains your dog should be provided.

Toys will need to be replaced on a regular basis; however, puppies will possibly require more entertainment than adults. The amount of money you spend on toys differs mostly depending on your dog’s personality and disposition.


Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Swedish Vallhund

  • $50–$250 per month

Swedish Vallhunds are substantially less expensive to care for than other dogs, owing to their tiny size. As a result, they require less of almost everything. Therefore, they are one of the less expensive canines to care for.

Certainly, some canines cost more than others. Lingering health concerns can drastically increase the expense, especially if a special diet is necessary.

Swedish Vallhund dog close up looking at the camera
Image Credit: Vera Reva, Shutterstock

Owning a Swedish Vallhund on a Budget

These canines are not as expensive on a monthly basis, making them an excellent choice for individuals on a tight budget. They’re tougher to come by and might be pricey up front. But, after that, they are less expensive than the average dog.

You can usually save a bit of money by being more open about the dog’s looks and gender. Breeders will occasionally provide discounts for pups that do not satisfy the qualifications of other purchasers.

Adopting through a shelter or other rescue group is another option. However, these dogs are pretty rare, so finding them can be challenging.

Saving Money on Swedish Vallhund Care

You may save cash on startup fees by shopping for deals. If you already know you’re having a puppy, shop for things months ahead of time. This process helps you shop deals over a longer period of time.

You may also seek out discounts or inquire whether establishments provide discounts to new dog owners, or purchase larger packages of food. You may also get pet insurance, potentially saving you a lot of money on certain vet fees.


In Conclusion

Swedish Vallhunds are initially pricey. However, after acquiring the puppy, the price drops dramatically. These pets aren’t too expensive to keep. Because they are smaller, they require less food and have lower grooming costs. They also require smaller things, such as crates and bedding.

In the end, this makes them very affordable to own, despite their high initial cost. Saving money on these canines might be difficult at first because they are scarce, making “shopping around” nearly impossible.

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