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How Much Does a Papillon Cost? 2024 Price Overview

Written by: Sarah Psaradelis

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

How Much Does a Papillon Cost? 2024 Price Overview

Papillons are a toy dog breed known for their butterfly-shaped ears and friendly temperaments. These small dogs make wonderful pets for families or individuals looking for a playful, intelligent, and trainable lapdog. Although Papillons can be suitable for apartments, they require plenty of exercise and playtime to keep them entertained. Papillons are relatively active and have more demanding grooming requirements because of their long coats.

Before getting a Papillon, it is important to determine if you can care for a Papillon properly. Aside from having the time for them, you need the finances too. Caring for a Papillon costs money, and sometimes more than what meets most people’s budgets. Getting a Papillon can cost from $250 to $3,000 with monthly costs ranging from $120–$780. Therefore, this article will discuss the different costs associated with Papillons.

Bringing Home a New Papillon: One-Time Costs

As with most pets, the one-time costs of owning a Papillon will be higher than the ongoing costs. You might end up spending a couple of hundred dollars when you bring your new Papillon home, but these are fortunately one-time expenses. The Papillon itself will be a one-time cost alongside supplies like food and water bowls, or procedures like microchipping and sterilization.

Here’s what you can expect to spend when you first purchase a Papillon.


Papillons typically cost money, but you might be lucky enough to come across one for free. If family members or friends can no longer care for their Papillon, they may give one to you at no additional cost. Alternatively, someone you know might be able to give you a free Papillon puppy from an accidental litter.


  • $250–$700

Papillons are rarely found up for adoption in shelters, but it is a possibility. If you are lucky enough to come across a Papillon for adoption, you can expect to pay an adoption fee. The cost of the adoption fee will depend on your location and your Papillon’s age and health. However, it is often no less than $250.

Keep in mind that Papillons are purebred dogs with a small size, so they might have a higher adoption fee than large mixed dog breeds. Other than shelters, Papillons could be found for adoption through rehoming websites for a small fee.

papillon dog sitting on grass
Image Credit: Anna Maloverjan, Shutterstock


  • $800–$3,000

Aside from adoption, purchasing a Papillon from a reputable breeder is the next best option. A good Papillon breeder with the breed for temperament, quality, and overall preservation of the breed. Papillons are often sold for a few thousand dollars by breeders because they are a toy dog breed with a pure bloodline.

You can expect to pay more for a Papillon if the breeder has papers, genetic testing results, and has highly sought-after puppies. Proof of pedigree lineage papers, veterinary documentation, and health test papers are often given by reputable dog breeders and included in the dog’s price.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $290–$430

Most of the initial cost of Papillon supplies and setup are under $500. Papillons are small dogs, therefore most of their supplies are smaller, such as their bed, food bowls, toys, and carriers. Smaller dog supplies are usually more affordable than larger dog breeds. The only procedures that are included as an initial cost for Papillons are microchipping and sterilization (spaying or neutering). Generally, the cost to sterilize a small dog breed is cheaper than medium and large-sized dogs.

You can further reduce the amount you spend on your Papillon supplies by purchasing them second-hand. If you have kept small dogs before, some of the supplies might be able to get cleaned and reused for your new Papillon.

Papillon dog lying on the couch
Image Credit: Fayzulin Serg, Shutterstock

List of Papillon Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $12–$25
Spay/Neuter $150–$250
X-Ray Cost $75–$480
Ultrasound Cost $250–$500
Microchip $25–$60
Teeth Cleaning $150–$300
Bed $20–$40
Nail Clipper $8
Brush $7–$15
Toys $30
Carrier $25–$38
Food and Water Bowls $15

How Much Does a Papillon Cost Per Month?

  • $120–$780 per month

Once the initial costs are out of the way, you can focus on the ongoing or monthly costs for Papillons. Their monthly costs include food, veterinary visits, grooming, medications, and pet insurance. Some of those costs are optional, such as pet insurance and medication. Certain monthly costs are not optional for this breed—medical treatment and quality food.

It is important to understand that Papillons might be a small dog breed, but they still require proper care to be happy and healthy. Some months might be more expensive than others, specifically if you need to take your Papillon for an expensive medical procedure. One month you might spend under $100, while others are over a thousand for veterinary bills.

Health Care

  • $25–$300+ per month

Health care is essential for Papillons, and it is not an optional cost. It also happens to be one of the most expensive costs associated with dog ownership. All Papillons need access to veterinary treatment when necessary, and certain procedures, tests, and treatments can cost a couple thousand dollars.

As a dog owner, you need to be prepared to spend money to take your Papillon to a veterinarian as required. Health care for Papillons can either be affordable or expensive and the cost may vary from month to month, and include the following:

  • Vaccinations
  • Dental care
  • Flea and tick treatments/prevention
  • Laboratory tests
  • Health checks
vet holding a papillon dog in his arms
Image Credit: Di Studio, Shutterstock


  • $25–$60 per month

Papillons require healthy and balanced dog food as their main source of nutrition. The amount you spend on their food will depend on the quality of the food, the brand, and your budget. While it might seem like a good idea to purchase cheap dog foods for your Papillon, it might lead to costly vet bills in the future. The cheaper dog foods are often made of low-quality ingredients which do little to benefit your Papillon nutritionally.

It is better to invest in quality dog food that contains wholesome ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, feeding small dogs is usually more affordable than larger breeds.


  • $15–$90 per month

Papillons have a long and silky coat that needs to be regularly groomed. You can either groom your Papillon yourself or take them to a professional dog groomer. Grooming your Papillon involves trimming their nails, brushing their coat, bathing them, and keeping their fur trimmed. Most of the supplies you purchase to groom Papillons are once-off costs such as a nail clipper and brush. The ongoing grooming costs will be a quality shampoo and conditioner. If you decide to get your Papillon professionally groomed, you can expect to pay around $90 per month.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $25–$250 per month

Not every Papillon needs to be on medication, especially since they are a relatively healthy dog breed. However, they do need to be taken to a veterinarian when required. If your Papillon needs regular tick and flea treatments or preventative tablets, the cost usually falls under medication. Most tick and flea treatments are affordable and cost below $100. A routine health check by a veterinarian can cost up to $250 per visit, but it might only be necessary for your Papillon a few times a year depending on their overall health and age.

groomer blowing dry the hair of a papillon dog
Image Credit: Reshetnikov_art, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance

  • $27–$80 per month

It is an excellent idea to invest in pet insurance for your Papillon if you want to reduce the cost of medical expenses. There are numerous types of pet insurance and plans to choose from, which can vary in price. Pet insurance helps cover the cost of certain medications, treatments, emergency care, and other unexpected vet bills that would otherwise leave a hole in your wallet. The price of the pet insurance plan you choose for your Papillon depends on their health, age, and lifestyle.

Environment Maintenance

  • $28–$40 per month

It is relatively inexpensive to keep your Papillon’s environment clean and maintained. The main costs will be disposable bags to pick up their poop with, a poop scoop, and puppy training pads. The puppy training pads are usually only necessary if your Papillon leaves accidents around the house while they are being potty trained.

Regardless, they can still be handy to have around if your Papillon is unable to go outside to use the bathroom due to stormy weather or is injured. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase large puppy pads which are more expensive. Papillons stay small throughout their life and require smaller maintenance items that are often cheaper.

Disposable bags $8/month
Puppy training pads $20/month
Poop scoop $17/month


  • $16–$40 per month

Papillons are an active and lively dog breed that benefits from entertainment. These small dogs aren’t too picky about what entertains them, whether it be a toy, a game of fetch, or a run in a secure park. It is a good idea to purchase a few chews and interactive toys to keep your Papillon entertained. The toys do not have to be too expensive if they are safe and your Papillon enjoys them.

A harness and leash typically fall into the entertainment category too. Your Papillon will need a durable and appropriately sized leash and harness for vet visits, walks, or the outdoors.

A Papillon Purebred Dog playing with balloons in the room
Image Credit: YuryKara, Shutterstock

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Papillon

  • $150–$800 per month

The total monthly costs to own your Papillon will depend on which types of costs apply to them. If your Papillon does not need pet insurance, medication, or professional grooming, then the monthly costs will be more affordable.

Medical expenses and unexpected vet bills will form the bulk of your Papillon’s monthly costs. Since they do not necessarily need to be taken to a vet every month, the costs can fluctuate and range from affordable one month to expensive the next. The only monthly expenses that do not change will be your Papillon’s food. Expenses like toys can vary, as many quality dog toys can last for a few months before needing to be replaced.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Emergency vet bills:
Even the healthiest Papillon is likely going to have an emergency vet bill at some point. It is good to put money aside for such situations, even if you feel that it is unlikely to happen.
Behavioral training:
Papillons usually excel and obedience training, but sometimes a professional is needed to get them on the right track. Behavioral training is beneficial for Papillons of all ages, although most noticeably for puppies.
Pet sitters:
When you go on vacation or an unexpected work trip, you will need to have a pet sitter look after your Papillon. The cost of a pet sitter can vary depending on the person’s experience and demand. However, friends or family members might be able to pet-sit your Papillon for free.

Owning a Papillon on a Budget

Although dogs generally are not considered budget-friendly pets, it is doable. There are many ways you can save money on your Papillon while still giving them superior care. You will need to focus your expenses on essential supplies for your Papillon rather than luxury ones. This means that their food bowls, identification tags, bed, toys, and food should be a priority.

Spend less money on luxury supplies like expensive interactive toys, clothing, and accessories that your Papillon does not need. Try to draw up a budget plan each month to keep track of how much you are spending on your Papillon. Put money aside each month in a savings account for unexpected vet visits or emergency care.

Pet insurance is also a good choice if you want to be financially prepared for hefty medical bills. Many pet insurance companies have budget-friendly plans available for dogs.

papillon dog standing on grass
Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock

Saving Money on Papillon Care

Below are a few ways you can save money when caring for your Papillon.

  • Look out for discounts and deals on dog food, toys, and supplies either in-store or online.
  • Purchase your Papillon food in bulk and store it appropriately to last.
  • Try looking for second-hand supplies for sale to reduce the costs of buying the supplies new.
  • Take your Papillon for regular vet checkups to catch potential underlying health problems before they progress to an expensive emergency visit.


The initial costs associated with owning Papillons will be high, however, the monthly costs are more affordable and budget-friendly. The most expensive costs for Papillons will be medical bills, but they are a priority for the breed. The cheaper costs will be your Papillon’s food, disposable bags, toys, and grooming supplies.

Although dog ownership isn’t cheap, there are several ways you can save money when owning a Papillon.

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