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How Much Do Beagles Shed? Hair Cycle & Grooming Tips

Written by: Genevieve Dugal

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Do Beagles Shed? Hair Cycle & Grooming Tips

Beagles may not have lush, fluffy fur, but these dogs still shed. In fact, Beagles shed moderately throughout the year. Where it gets intense is in the spring and fall, when you may need to vacuum twice a day to keep your home hair free! Indeed, these outgoing and loving scent hounds have a double coat and lose their undercoat during the two shedding seasons.

While you can’t stop your Beagle from shedding, you can make the situation more manageable with proper care. Read on to learn more about why Beagles are moderate to heavy shedders and how to groom them properly.

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Understanding a Dog’s Hair Growth Cycle

Like human hair, dog hair grows cyclically, depending on the activity phase of the corresponding follicle. There are three successive phases of activity:

  • Anagen phase: Growth phase
  • Catagen phase: Intermediate phase
  • Telogen phase: Resting phase (hair stops growing)

After the telogen phase, a new anagen phase begins, and the new stem that begins to grow causes the previous hair to fall out.

Also, the duration of each phase depends mainly on the breed of the dog. For example, the Poodle and the Schnauzer lose little hair due to the long growth phase (anagen phase). The Beagle, whoever, has a double coat, which produces more abundant hair loss. A good part of the phenomenon of shedding is genetically determined.

Other factors can also affect the hair growth cycle of dogs, such as diet, stress, skin parasites, hormonal imbalances, and general health.

Why Do Beagles Shed So Much?

The main function of dogs’ hair is to protect their skin against external elements such as sun, heat, and cold. Hair also serves to regulate your pet’s body temperature. Some dogs, like the Beagle, have a dense undercoat that acts as insulation and enables them to stay warm or cool depending on the temperature.

Beagle eating from a bowl
Image By: Przemek Iciak, Shutterstock

When Do Beagles Shed the Most?

Although they are moderate shedders all year round, Beagles will shed profusely about twice a year, i.e., during molting periods.

What Is the Purpose of the Molt in Beagles?

The function of the molt is to renew worn or damaged hair and to adapt the Beagle’s coat to the new climatic conditions that are coming (replacement of the light summer coat with a thick winter coat and vice versa).

For this reason, it traditionally takes place in the fall and spring. However, fall molts are often less intense than in spring because the dog’s undercoat does not need to be renewed. In any case, know that the phenomenon lasts at least a month, which is how long it takes for the coat to be renewed. Fortunately for the dog, shedding occurs in a mosaic pattern, meaning that all the hair in an area does not fall out at once, to avoid leaving the skin bare and unprotected.

How to Properly Groom Your Beagle

Grooming the Beagle’s short coat isn’t too tedious. Regular grooming with a brush appropriate for this hair type is sufficient to encourage hair renewal and minimize hair buildup throughout your home.

However, during shedding seasons, hair loss is more substantial than usual. Brushing your Beagle’s coat more frequently (at least twice a day) and taking them outside more often will help shed dead hair.

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Image Credit: Andrey_and_Lesya, Pixabay

Should You Shave Your Beagle?

Never! Dogs, especially double-coated breeds like Beagles, need hair to protect them from the elements and to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, you should never deprive them of this natural defense system!

When Should You Visit the Vet?

A consultation with your veterinarian is essential if your dog sheds in clumps or has other symptoms, such as itching, bad smell, soreness, or redness.

Indeed, excessive shedding can be a symptom of infection, hormonal imbalances, or certain autoimmune or genetic diseases.

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Final Thoughts

Your adorable Beagle’s hair is similar to your own hair: It grows, dies, and falls out and then is replaced by new hair. However, due to their double coat, Beagles shed more during the two annual molting periods, which can be daunting when trying to keep a clean home.

There is no quick fix to your Beagle’s normal shedding, but proper and regular grooming of their coat during these times will help get rid of dead hair faster. Also, taking your dog outside several times a day will prevent hair buildup in your home. If you notice abnormal hair loss and other symptoms, like red and inflamed skin, you should contact your veterinarian right away.

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandra_Iarosh, Shutterstock

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