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Do Beagles Sleep a Lot? Breed Snoozing Habits

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Ashley Bates

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Do Beagles Sleep a Lot? Breed Snoozing Habits


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Different breeds of dogs have lots of quirks that make them unique. Some dogs are really lackadaisical, while others are super high energy. The personalities go from fun-loving to protecting us and everything in between. When it comes to Beagles specifically, you might wonder what are some of their more common personal traits. When it comes to sleeping, how much time does your Beagle spend taking a snooze? As a general answer, on average, Beagles sleep 10 to 12 hours per day. Let’s find out the details.


The Cuddly Beagle

When you learn about a beagle’s personality and overall lifestyle, you might have learned that they are pretty relaxed. They can be high energy because they love to go out with their keepers and blow off steam, whether hunting or general exercise.

However, your Beagle will have no trouble snoozing on the couch with you or cuddling on the hammock when it comes to downtime. Beagles are incredibly affectionate creatures that love spending time with their families. They have an outstanding work ethic and make terrific playmates for kids as well.

On average, Beagles sleep 10 to 12 hours per day. It’s not all that unusual, and it’s pretty moderate regarding the span across all dog breeds. So, if you’re used to a high-energy dog, Beagles might seem like they really take a relaxed approach to everyday life.

Exercise Is Key

Because Beagles have a less active lifestyle, it’s essential to ensure they get the exercise they need. There are tons of fun activities your beagle will love. They absolutely love tracking and sniffing, so taking them out in the woods or on a walk where they can see and smell all the smells will be one of their favorite things.

There’s nothing wrong with how long Beagle sleeps, permitting they’re getting the proper exercise and the appropriate diet. If they are napping too much and eating in abundance, they can pack on the pounds, which can lead to obesity.

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Image Credit: Kampus Production, Pexels

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If Your Beagle Seems Unwell

Let’s face it. You know your Beagle better than anyone. If you start noticing behavioral changes, like more frequent nap times, and you can’t pinpoint an underlying cause but just feel like something is off, listen to your gut instincts.

Even though your Beagle might not be showing any signs that they are very sick, it could signal that something just isn’t right. Excessive lethargy could point to an underlying medical problem such as hypothyroidism.

If you notice your Beagle is sleeping more and more lately, you might want to get to the bottom of why. Well sometimes sleep increases as your beagle ages, it can also signal that something else is wrong. Many different issues can contribute to sleepiness, and only your veterinarian can help you determine the underlying cause.

If your Beagle is showing any other symptoms besides sleepiness, it’s best to get them in for a routine check-up just to be safe. If your dog has an infection or other health problems they can remedy, your vet might prescribe various medications. If it’s something more serious, it can require additional testing and treatment.

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Image Credit: João Victor Xavier, Pixabay

Depression Is Possible

We have all had those days where we are in a state of depression, and it’s no surprise that our canines share these emotions sometimes. So many things can spark depression and dogs, but usually, there’s an environmental factor that you can probably contribute to their behavior.

For instance, if you recently lost an additional family pet, they could be feeling incredible amounts of grief. If they have been separated from the main human that they bond with, this could cause a similar reaction. But even something as simple as not getting the attention that they used to get because of the new baby or other environmental change can trigger some sadness.

If you think your dog might be depressed, this isn’t necessarily worthy of a vet visit, but it might help to speak with a professional. Typically, depression is alleviated by lifestyle change. It’s possible that your Beagle needs a new friend, outlet, or routine. Depression is usually a temporary issue with dogs, so the sooner you can get your dogs back to feeling like themselves, the better.

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Image Credit: jukgrapong, Shutterstock

Energy Levels Naturally Decrease with Age

No dog’s energy level stays the same as it is when they’re a puppy period from birth to up to three years, it can take young dogs a pretty long time to burn off that energy and to start relaxing finally.

You might even notice that they have energetic spurts where they seem more active than usual, followed by a period of lengthy rest. So, your Beagle’s excessive sleepiness might very well have to do with general aging.

If your Beagle is older and just lazier than usual, you might need extra motivation to get them to use their bodies the way they previously did. Promoting healthy exercise is definitely essential.

Remember, spending time with their favorite human is among their favorite things to do despite their age. Make playtime fun and interactive, making sure your Beagle is staying fit.divider-paw


So now you know that Beagles do sleep slightly more than average dogs, but it’s nothing that you would consider significant. If you have a more lackadaisical Beagle, they might simply be less active on a large scale. Sometimes this is personality, but sometimes it’s due to an underlying health issue. Regular vetting should take care of most of the worry here.

But if everything seems fine and your Beagle is happy and healthy, you can enjoy lounging around with your little sleepyhead.

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