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15 Best Dog Breeds for Frisbee That Will Love Playing Disc Sports

Written by: Megan Arszman

Last Updated on May 28, 2024 by Dogster Team

15 Best Dog Breeds for Frisbee That Will Love Playing Disc Sports

Frisbee and disc sports are a fun way to bond with your dog, enhance their agility, and strengthen your recall. It can be a fun game for any dog and owner, but some four-legged companions naturally excel at disc games because of their breed history.

While no breed was specifically developed to catch and bring back flying discs, some have the natural skill sets to be good at the game, such as distance running, retrieving games, and maneuvering around livestock.

Whether you want to play games with your dogs or pursue canine sports like Disc Dog, here are the 15 best dog breeds for the task.

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How Are Disc Dogs Classified?

Playing Frisbee and other disc games is an age-old pastime for owners and dogs, especially ones that like to play fetch. However, the AKC dog has a Disc Dog sport, which involves a flying disc and different games that dogs can compete in.

While dogs of any breed, type, or size are eligible to play—just like the backyard game of Frisbee—it tends to be popular among certain breeds that are known for athleticism and playing fetch. Typically, these dogs fall into the Working and Sporting groups, such as retrievers and herding dogs.

The 15 Best Dog Breeds for Frisbee

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

american pit bull dog playing in the park
Image Credit: Diego Thomazini, Shutterstock
Origin: U.S.A.
Lifespan: 8–15 years
Height: 17–21 inches

American Pit Bull Terriers are powerful dogs with a lot of stamina. While their past as fighting dogs is unfortunate, it led to some of their prized athletic traits, like agility and endurance, that can make them exceptional canine competitors. They love to play, and with the right training, fetch can be a favorite pastime.

2. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog
Image Credit: Best dog photo, Shutterstock
Origin: Australia
Lifespan: 13–15 years
Height: 17–20 inches

The Australian Cattle Dog, or Heeler, is a herding dog that was developed to drive cattle across long distances on rugged terrain. Due to originally being bred with Dingoes, the wild Australian dogs, the Heeler is hardy, diligent, and agile. They require a lot of exercise for their bodies and brains, including performing tasks while engaged in playtime like fetch or Frisbee.

3. Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd dog stands sideways in full growth
Image Credit: Hanna Borysenko, Shutterstock
Origin: U.S.A.
Lifespan: 13–15 years
Height: 18–23 inches

The Australian Shepherd, despite the name, is a European breed that was perfected in California. As former rodeo dogs, Australian Shepherds have skill with canine games, such as Frisbee and tricks, as well as the athleticism for herding and boundless energy.

4. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Shepherd Malinois dog stands in the grass in the forest
Image Credit: Victoria Antonova, Shutterstock
Origin: Malines, Belgium
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Height: 22–26 inches

The Belgian Malinois is a hardworking breed that bonds strongly with their owners after being developed for herding. Aside from purposeful roles like service work and farm work, Malinois excel at canine sports and are always eager to have a task to perform. With an experienced owner, the Malinois can enjoy Frisbee as a pastime or a sport.

5. Border Collie

Adorable black and white Border Collie dog posing outdoors standing on fallen maple leaves in autumn
Image Credit: Eudyptula, Shutterstock
Origin: Great Britain
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 18–22 inches

The Border Collie is a star in the agility ring and one of the nimblest dog breeds. These British herding dogs are highly trainable and intelligent, with seemingly endless energy, so they make good companions for sports like agility, flyball, and flying disc. Playing Frisbee, competitively or otherwise, is a good way to keep the Border Collie entertained and exercised.

6. German Shepherd

german shepherd dog
Image Credit: Barat Roland, Shutterstock
Origin: Germany
Lifespan: 9–13 years
Height: 22–26 inches

The German Shepherd is a traditional herding dog that has become an all-purpose working dog. Despite their considerable size and muscle, German Shepherds are remarkably agile and energetic. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation to stay happy, including playtime or activities like playing fetch with discs.

7. German Shorthaired Pointer

german shorthaired pointer dog sitting on the grass
Image Credit: EvaHeaven2018, Shutterstock
Origin: Germany
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 21–25 inches

The German Shorthaired Pointer is an enthusiastic gun dog that needs a lot of exercise to stay happy. They were developed for long work days, so as companion animals, they need plenty of playtime and physical work to burn off their excess energy. If you want to compete in dog sports like Disc Dog, the German Shorthaired Pointer is an ideal partner.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Wagging Tail
Image Credit: Hollysdogs, Shutterstock
Origin: Scotland
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Height: 21.5–24 inches

The Golden Retriever is a lively Scottish gundog that was bred to assist hunters with retrieving game birds. They are powerful dogs with plenty of speed and athleticism, which serves them well in canine competitions like flyball and flying disc games. They also retrieve naturally, so they’re easy to train for Frisbee.

9. Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell dog playing in the park
Image Credit: nexusby, Shutterstock
Origin: Great Britain
Lifespan: 13–16 years
Height: 10–12 inches

The Jack Russell Terrier is a lively, friendly, and tenacious breed that was developed by the “Sporting Parson” to accompany foxhunts and flush out the foxes. They’re eager and tireless, so they need a lot of activity to stay happy and healthy. If you want a dog to play Frisbee, Jack Russell’s effortless athleticism and eagerness are a good match.

10. Labrador Retriever

Image Credit: sanjagrujic, Shutterstock
Origin: Newfoundland, Canada; the U.K.
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Height: 22–24 inches

Like the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever is a popular gundog with a lot of energy and a natural desire to catch and retrieve. They’re friendly and enthusiastic, always looking for an opportunity to play, so engaging in games with Frisbee can help to keep them physically and mentally fit.

11. Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier
Photo by Kathy Morales, Unsplash
Origin: U.S.A.
Lifespan: 15–18 years
Height: 10–18 inches

As the name suggests, the Rat Terrier is an American ratter breed that was developed to take on vermin in mills and on farms. They come in miniature and standard versions, though both are incredibly athletic, agile, and swift for canine sports like chasing flying discs.

12. Standard Poodle

Image Credit: Tanya-Consaul-Photography, Shutterstock
Origin: Germany
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 18–24 inches

The Standard Poodle is a feature in the show ring, but they’re actually adept hunting dogs with athletic and muscled bodies. Intelligent and easy to train, Standard Poodles excel at many dog sports, including fetch-based games like Disc Dog.

13. Vizsla

hungarian vizsla dog standing on the grass
Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock
Origin: Hungary
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 21–25 inches

The Vizsla is a Hungarian gun dog bred for fieldwork. These sporting dogs build strong bonds with humans and don’t like to be left out of activities, so they’re best suited to environments that allow them to engage in regular exercise. If you want a canine competitor for disc sports, the Vizsla is an ideal choice.

14. Weimaraner

Image Credit: Madeline-G, Shutterstock
Origin: Germany
Lifespan: 11–14 years
Height: 23–27 inches

Known as the “Gray Ghost,” the Weimaraner is a sleek and swift hunting dog that’s highly trainable. They’re Velcro dogs and require a lot of exercise, so bonding with games like Frisbee and fetch is ideal for keeping these dogs happy and healthy.

15. Whippet

Whippet dog in a meadow
Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock
Origin: Great Britain
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 18–21 inches

Whippets are swift British sighthounds developed in Great Britain for coursing prey. They were nicknamed the “snap dog” for their ability to grab prey, an instinct that can pay off with games like Frisbee and flying disc.

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If you’re looking for a dog that enjoys playing with toys, such as fetch with discs, there are plenty of options to choose from—large and small. While many of these breeds have a natural instinct for chasing, catching, and returning toys, keep in mind that you will need to put in training to ensure the best experience for both you and your dog.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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