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You know that thoughtful look dogs get as they’re settling in for some shut-eye, their eyelids slowly dropping into doggy dreamland? Think they’re remembering that sweet mystery smell in the grass from earlier in the day? Perhaps they’re recounting the pre-dinner belly rub that sent them into leg kicks that rivaled the Rockettes’ Radio City Christmas Spectacular? Could it be they’re being lulled by the sound of your singing the wrong lyrics (again) to some obscure disco song while washing dishes? No, no, and no. They’re mentally writing dog haiku. Of course.

Here are 10 haiku poems by dogs:

My bark, sharp and fierce

Trying to protect you from

The FedEx driver

For you I’ll create

Artistic works of poo, since

You save them in bags

Swallowed by regret

For I forgot to smell the

Third bush on the left

Your breath intrigues me

And I am fairly certain

You had ribs for lunch

Apologies, but

How could I have known that was

Your cheesy sandwich?

Puddled on the floor

A symbol of excitement

You’ve come to visit

Crestfallen, for my

Nose cannot fit more deeply

Inside your slip-on

But I thought I heard

You say you didn’t want that

Folder of receipts

You say the leash word

And I’m no longer obsessed

With sniffing cat butt

Just when you thought I

Could not sleep closer to you

You were wrong again

Does your dog write haiku? I think he does! Go ahead, give us a verse or two in the comments. Remember haiku poetry uses only seventeen syllables. Don’t be shy!