Day: May 8, 2010

All About Pet Trusts

You absolutely can provide for your animals after you die, my husband and I have done so in both of our wills. In the US, animals are considered property and therefore cannot be the actual beneficiaries of wills or trusts – but they can be left to individuals, and money can be set aside that …

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Who is responsible for the vet bills when a dog injures another dog at the park?

My dog had a few scratches; the other dog had two small deeper cuts that may have needed a few stitches (nothing life threatening). I thought I should be responsible for the vet bills, but friends are saying otherwise. The vet is not able to release the patient’s info and the owners are not contacting …

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Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday

Consider it a dog day! Bring your dog everywhere with you – to get the paper, a quick run to the store, etc. Let the day revolve around her! Bring her to work if you can. Play fetch all day, rub her belly for hours, whatever floats your boat!

Should I spay my senior dog?

I’ve been advised to spay my dog, a 7 yr old Jack Russell. He’s strong and healthy and pretty mild in behavior. I want to know if spaying is a healthy option for him as he grows older.

Neutering a Senior Dog

Don’t be afraid to neuter a senior. He can still get testicular cancer. I work at a vet’s office and we always recommend neutering and spaying for these reasons. It is sad to see animals die because they got ovarian or testicular cancers.

Dog Training Techniques

Part of the responsibility of being a dog owner is making certain your dog is well mannered around others. A dog owner is also responsible for the safety of his dog. This means not only keeping him from harm but also keeping him from running in front…

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