Woman Fined For Dyeing Dog's Paws and Tail Pink

 |  Nov 17th 2010  |   31 Contributions

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This poodle's barely-there dye job cost her owner 5.

Halloween night turned spooky for Christine Hill when a Jacksonville, Fla. animal control officer handed her a ticket for $255 for dyeing her poodle's tail and paws. Trick or Treat? No, this was the real deal, even though the dye was barely visible, and it was a non-toxic doggy dye that washes out with the next bath, and it was only on the dog's paws and the end of her tail. Apparently dyeing a dog is illegal both in Florida and the city of Jacksonville.

It's good to know there's a municipality where there's so little animal cruelty that animal control officers can go after such heinous perpetrators as Hill. She is putting out the word so that other Floridians will be saved from the same pricey mistake, reports News4Jax. (I'd like to know if she bought the doggy dye locally. Maybe the store is in cahoots with the city! Every $5 bottle of dye brings the city $255. That would be a clever operation!)

Of course, if the dog had been one of the poodles below, I might see the cause for some concern...


I sniffed around the internet a bit and read that dyeing dogs is also illegal in Colorado, home of breed-specific legislation. Does anyone know if that's the case, or if dyeing dogs is illegal in other states?

(BTW I bring you this bit of (dyed) fluff to make up for Monday's and Tuesday's grueling morning posts. Watch for a fun contest later today!)


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