Double Trouble

 |  Apr 8th 2009  |   12 Contributions

Here's a story with a happy ending, just what we need after the last two posts.

In Cuckfield, UK the owner of two dogs was taking a walk through the woods while visiting with a friend. The dogs took off and found their way into an underground burrow, where they got stuck.

Fire crews mounted a six-hour rescue operation to find two Jack Russell terriers that became lost in an underground burrow in West Sussex.

Teams used special listening and camera equipment to find the two pets, called Charlie and Rosi, on Tuesday.

They were eventually found in two separate locations in a burrow in Whitemans Green, Cuckfield - Charlie ended up 5ft (1.52m) underground.

Ms Hartshorn did have her dogs leashed when she started walking them. She's always very careful because they got lost once before. She let them off leash because they were so excited at the sight of the woods and she wanted them to enjoy themselves.

Well, it sounds like they had fun until they got stuck in a burrow.

* Pic courtesy BBC News/UK


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