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Come on Now, Who Dumps a Dog With Cancer?

Platty the Golden Retriever was left at a shelter with a massive facial tumor. This might be his last week in this world, so let's celebrate his rescue.

 |  Feb 10th 2014  |   16 Contributions

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When I saw Platty the Golden Retriever's face, I knew he had to be a Monday Miracle. There was just something about him.

I visited his Facebook page and learned more about the 10-year-old dog, I couldn't wait to share his story with you.

And what makes Platty's face so special? Well, he's got quite a unique growth going on -- a beauty mark if you will. Actually -- all right -- I'm trying to make something charming and light out of something pretty serious. The growth is cancerous, and Platty was dumped as a stray in Oklahoma. As you can see, the growth has altered all of Platty's face, and that's what captured shelter volunteer Alli Elmore's heart. She couldn't bear the thought of Platty languishing through cancer in a shelter, so she decided to take the senior dog home.

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This is Platty when he first arrived at the shelter.

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It's like he doesn't even know anything is wrong with him!

While Platty's new family hoped for the best, a biopsy revealed that the growth is indeed cancerous. Not only that, the cancer has metastasized into his lungs. A recent trip to the vet revealed further bad news: He does not have long to live -- in fact, this may be Platty's final week.

Though Platty was adopted just this month, his story has already garnered a legion of fans and admirers. While Elmore initially wanted to cancel the fundraiser she had started for Platty after learning that he does not have that much longer to live, at the urging of Platty's fans and followers, Elmore has decided to continue accepting money for what is now Platty's Memorial Fund.

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Platty certainly has the best dog smile!

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Platty can hang out on the couch all he wants.

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And eat all the canned cheese he wants!

All photos by TylerDog Photography via Platty's Facebook page. Go follow him there and give him some love from Dogster. Let's cherish him for whatever time he has left in this world before we send him off to the Rainbow Bridge.

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