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Wushi the Two-Legged Street Dog Finally Gets a Wonderful Life

He suffered a paralyzing accident in Taiwan that led to amputation, but that's a dim memory now.

 |  Feb 24th 2014  |   1 Contribution

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Wushi started out life as a street dog in Taiwan. It must have been a hard life, because Wushi suffered an accident that paralyzed his back legs. No one knows what exactly happened to him except for Wushi himself, and that's one secret he's keeping. Found dragging his body, Wushi was taken to an overcrowded shelter, where he languished for a year with a thousand other feral dogs, slowly developing such severe sores on his hind legs that they were eventually amputated, along with his tail.

At that point, it looked grim for Wushi, but things took a turn for the incredible. A local dog rescuer pulled him from the shelter and bought him a ticket to Canada, where he first lived with a fosterer before finding his forever family.

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Wushi before his legs were amputated.

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Wushi upon his arrival in Toronto.

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Wushi with his custom cart.

Wushi may have only two legs, but that doesn't stop him from indulging in beloved dog activities, such as:

1. Sunbathing

This is definitely the life, right?

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That's the look of contentment right there!

2. Looking really sad while getting a bath

Missing two legs is no excuse to be dirty.

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3. Sunbathing

And napping.

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I wonder what he is dreaming about.

4. Being adorable

This face ...

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Those eyes!

5. Begging for food

Can anything stop a dog from begging for food?

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Trying to use his mind to make a crumb fall.

6. Begging for food

But it smells sooo good!

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Look at that spread!

7. Looking at the window when he hears the car in the driveway

Because it's the best time of day.

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"Are they home yet?!"

All photos via Wushi's Facebook page -- go join in and let him know Dogster says hello!


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