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Pix We Love: Corgi Falls in Love With Newborn Baby

When a Reddit user brought his baby home from the hospital, his Corgi wouldn't leave her side.

 |  Dec 24th 2013  |   13 Contributions

When you have a pet, bringing home a new baby from the hospital can be a dicey affair. My wife and I recently brought seven pounds, nine ounces of baby boy home to 10 years of Bengal cat, and we worried to no end about things like claws and teeth and full-power swatting.  

My cat, however, performed spectacularly. She didn't, and hasn't, looked directly at the baby once. She refuses to believe that the baby exists, and for the past two months that theory has held strong. She does one cursory sniff at things like car seats and bassinets and burp cloths before ignoring them forevermore. It's quite the performance. I knew I had a smart cat. 

And Reddit user banpeiSF has a smart dog. In a post on the site, he said that he was worried about how his Corgi, Wilbur, would react to meeting his newborn daughter when they came home. As you can see, his Corgi performed spectacularly as well. Dogs, of course, show their affection in different ways than cats. 

I'll admit, I'm a bit jealous of banpeiSF and his dog, but just the other day my cat didn't immediately leave the room when we came home from a walk. It was pretty amazing. It's like she hugged me. 

Here's how Wilbur handled his new baby girl (captions are from banpeiSF):

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Back from hospital...first meet & greet.

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Keeping her company during tummy time.

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He's started sleeping in her room now ...

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Waiting for her to wake up.

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The tube is for her bili blanket. (She had mild jaundice.)

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It's all good, but Wilbur and his big fat butt (see below) are gonna have to learn the concept of "personal space" at some point.

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