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Blind Dog Has a Seeing-Eye Cat

It's true: Terfel gets around with the help of Pwditat, an ex-stray who found her calling in life.

 |  Jan 2nd 2013  |   9 Contributions

Terfel had a pretty rough life before Pwditat wandered into his yard. The blind, 8-year-old dog spent most of his time in North Wales, UK, in a basket. Terfel was blind because of cataracts. When he left the basket, he bumped into things, so he mostly stayed in the basket.

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Then Pwditat happened along. Pwditat (which we're guessing is pronounced Puddy-Tat, like Tweety Bird called Sylvester in Warner Bros. cartoons) was a stray cat, and Terfel's owner, Judy Godfrey-Brown, had the foresight to let her into her home. It was the right thing to do. According to the Sun, the cat "walked up to Terfel, led him from his basket, and brought him out to the garden."

"I've never seen anything like it," Godfrey-Brown told the Sun. "Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind."

Since then, Pwditat and Terfel have been inseparable, with the cat acting as a guide cat for the blind dog, nudging him around with her paws.

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"She uses her paws to help guide him," said Godfrey-Brown. "They are glued to each other and even sleep together."

Anne Craig, who took over the pair after Godfrey-Brown became ill and had to go to the hospital, concurs:

"Terfel is virtually blind. He can probably see just light and dark," she said in a video. "Although he knows his way around the garden now, it's a great help with Pwditat around to show him about."

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Anne Craig, caretaker of Terfel and Pwditat

"They're fantastic friends," Craig said. "They really love each other. They're together whenever they can be."

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"Pwditat will smarm around Terfel, and lead him about," she said. "He's very, very affectionate toward Terfel, and Terfel obviously enjoys the companionship of Pwditat, too."

Watch the video:

Via the Sun.


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