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Camp DRITY [view the full listing]

1835 Imperial Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 702-4090

1posted: July 29th, 2008

If you're thinking about bringing your dog here, DON'T.

This is the first review I have ever done and the only reason I am even writing one is because this place is GROSS and should be SHUT DOWN!!!! I have a 1 year old mini pincher named Mike, who I needed to leave for a night because me and my boy friend were going out of town. I had seen some photos on the internet and it looked pretty nice, I also liked the fact that it was "cage free". So I call to see if they had room, the person I talked to on the phone was nice and said yes they had room and asked me to come in and do a screening of my dog to make sure she would get along with the other dogs. When I came for my screening the first thing I noticed was the main lobby which looks nice, but it just a false cover for the dump that is behind it. let me explain, they take me out to do a screening of my dog. The first thing you see is a lot of couches duct taped and ripped apart with the springs exposed. Not only did it looked disgusting the smelled it too, imagine having a bunch of dogs going to the bath room on your couch everyday, you get the idea. The outside area you would think would be in better condition but that wasn't the case. The swimming pool they had for the dog's was so badly chewed up that it was to the point that the dogs could cut themselves on the edges. The astroturf was torn, covered in flies and smells so bad I hardly breathe. I ask what they do when the dogs go to the rest room and was informed they pick it and then spray it off with the hose, but you could tell there was no place for the water to drain so the dogs are just playing in poop/pee water all the time. I left Camp Diggity Dog traumatized by how much disregard there is for your pet health and couldn't understand why this place hasn't been shut down by the city.. If you're thinking about bringing your dog here, DON'T.