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Central Park [view the full listing]

New York, NY 10022

1posted: April 27th, 2009

Dog Runs

This dog run is not even near Central Park. It may be considered to be a dog run but not in Central Park. If people are going to claim it\'s beauty, don\'t claim it to be in Central Park. CP is from 59 Street to 110 Street, from 5th. Ave. to Central Park West. As a kid I lived between 5th. & Mad. Ave. Now as a grown up I live between CPW & Manhattan Ave. but I don\'t say I live in CP. This dog run is on 51 Street between 1st. & 2nd. Aves. Name it something else.


Riverside Park Dog Run [view the full listing]

104th. Street in Riverside Park
New York, NY 10025

5posted: April 11th, 2009

Dog Run

I think my dog run is the best one because it's close my home and I like it the best, out of all the dog runs my parents took me to. I have met a lot of different kinds of dogs. I love all the dogs, big or small. If they play then I play. It's clean and the parents always clean up our messes. I enjoy the 2 hours or more that I'm free. woofy woof...