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Pooch'et [view the full listing]

(916) 289-7447

4posted: September 14th, 2007

Friendly service and cute items!

Pooch'et is currently located on the 2nd floor of the mall next to the food court. They used to be downstairs, but they've moved. The people at the Pooch'et cart are always very friendly without being overbearing. They don't following your every move and try to push products at you. I like this about them a lot. They offer some designer lines of dog apparel at reasonable prices. In fact, after comparing them with 2 other dog boutiques in Sacramento, I have found that their prices are cheaper by at least a couple dollars. They have jerseys, harnesses, goggles, dishes, shirts, dresses, etc. all reasonably priced. They don't seem to have as many of the XXS items in stock, though. Form what I've been told, they sell out quickly. The good thing is that they replenish their stock weekly, I believe so if it isn't in stock when you go in, chances are it will be in stock next time. The only reason why I gave it 4 paws instead of 5 was the limited selection of items. It is a cart, though, not a freestanding store so I understand room is a problem. To sum up, Pooch'et is a cute place to stop by and pick up some reasonably priced cute outfits or items for you pampered pup!


Mueller Pet Medical Center, Inc. [view the full listing]

6420 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 428-9202

4edited: July 13th, 2007

Friendly Service

We have been clients at the Mueller Pet Medical Center(formerly Mueller Pet Animal Hospital) for almost a year. Our vet, Dr. Taro Cuetara, has been our vet for a longer period of time. We actually followed him to his current place of practice. He's an excellent vet who genuinely cares about his clients and offers sincere advice and recommendations. He never rushes you and he takes great care in examining and treating our pets. They have a large staff that is generally friendly(with the exception of only one person---a female approxminately in her late 40s who works as an assistant). Other than the one curt staff member, everyone else is very friendly. The other vets at the hospital are also very friendly and will often greet you and compliment your dog as they walk by you to take their own clients into the exam rooms. They greet you immediately and offer freshly baked cookies and bottled water. They also have a grooming center as well as a small well stocked selection of pet food and pet products. The waiting area is rather small, though, especially for the large clientle that this center has. I believe there are plans to expand the center in the future. Parking can get full quickly, but there is always either a handful of parking spaces open or someone pulling out everytime I've gone there. I've never had to park anywhere else. ***Edited*** Unfortunately, I had to edit my rating and bring it down from 5 paws to 4 paws. When we brought Mugsy in for her spay we paid to have all her baby teeth removed as well. The vet left 2 baby teeth in and when we brought her back to show him, he admitted that it was difficult to distinguish which ones were baby teeth and which were adults so he accidentally left those 2 in. Well, instead of pulling those 2 baby teeth out then, he told us to wait until she needed to get her teeth cleaned and said he would pull them out then(thus, charging us to remove those teeth that should have been removed in the first place). Our faith in Mueller's vet services is no longer as strong. I do think they are competent especially with larger size dogs, but I question whether they are experienced enough with the very small ones like our little 2 lber. Also, we had our 2 cats groomed at Mueller(they have on site grooming). The groomer charged $160 for giving our 2 cats a clip(lion cut), bath, ear cleaning, and nail clip. The price would not have been a problem if she had done a good job(it was a heavier set hispanic woman---in her 20s, I believe). The cats ears still had dirt, the clip job was awful--small tiny patches of fur were missed on the body and the clip lines were uneven, and there was kitty litter caked onto to our cats body in various places. We strongly do not recommend having your cat groomed there.

posted: March 13th, 2007

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PetSmart Elk Grove [view the full listing]

8215 Laguna Boulevard
Elk Grove, CA 95758
(916) 691-3700

2posted: March 13th, 2007


I'm not too impressed with Petsmart in Elk Grove. The sales associates at the checkout are always friendly, but one of the managers(older gentleman) was rather rude. While we were shopping, he watched us and upon checkout, he glared at us while he looked inside our dog carrier in a most unsutble manner(although I am sure he thought he was being sly). It felt as if he thought we were stealing. We were offended, but having not been outright accused, we couldn't say anything. We have run into this same gentleman(and I use this term loosely) on more than one occasion and upon making eye contact with us, he never smiles or offers any pleasant greeting. Also, there is always a couple urine puddles in the store. Otherwise, the store has a good selection of toys, clothing, as well as some well stocked aisles of pet food. They often have a clearance selection of seasonal toys and clothing that sometimes offer some appealing choices for your pet.