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Charleson Park [view the full listing]

999 Charleson Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4A2

4posted: August 8th, 2007

Off-leash with view

This is a great litte park (the grassy bowl and around the duck pond, with access to a waterfall during most of the year except from June to September when the waterfall area is off limits to dogs from 10am to 7pm. Negatives: the winter months are very muddy.


Rex Dog Hotel and Spa [view the full listing]

760 Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6A 2M5
(604) 696-5166

5posted: March 30th, 2007

Wonderful fun!

We dropped in to see the open house when it first started up and were very impressed. If Mommy can\\\'t get a family member to take care of me when she has to go out of town, she has promised to take me here since I know everyone there because I play at the Doghouse with them.


Oak Animal Hospital [view the full listing]

3887 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 2M6
(604) 739-7111

4edited: February 24th, 2007

Pet of the Month

What can I say, I was chosen to be Pet of the Month for Feb, so Mommy gets a 10% discount on vet services for a year. Also, they are very nice and have given Mommy some really good advise about my weight, my hips and my teeth.

posted: February 24th, 2007


Three Dog Bakery [view the full listing]

4548 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6R 2J1
(604) 737-3647

5posted: February 24th, 2007

Birthday cake

Mommy always goes to Three Dog Bakery to get my birthday cake, which I share with my friend Kelly. This year, instead of a simple cake, she got me all sorts of pasteries! We loved them.


Tisol Pet Food Supermarkets [view the full listing]

2949 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 3G4

5posted: February 24th, 2007

My kind of store

I always find just the right beef chew and toy at Tisols!


The Bostonian Executive Suites [view the full listing]

341 Maclaren Street
Ottawa, ON K2p2e2
(866) 320-4567

5posted: February 24th, 2007

Living at the Bostonian

I lived there twice for a total of two years and trained the staff very well. They knew that if Mommy gave them some treats, that every time I went by the front desk, they had to give me some! When Mommy has to go to Ottawa and she calls up the hotel, they always say, "Oh, it will be wonderful having Morag back with us!"


The Doghouse [view the full listing]

2425 Manitoba
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3A4
(604) 708-6100

5posted: February 24th, 2007

The Doghouse

I have gone here since I was a puppy and LOVE IT! [NOTE: There is a "small dog" Doghouse down near Granville Island for those small dogs who think they are small dogs. If they think they are big dogs, the can come and play with the big dogs!] I get walks when I need them and play until I drop ... which is usually after I come home from my day with my friends. Every one I know comes to the Doghouse!

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