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Arizona Humane Society Sunny Slope (Main AZHS Facility) [view the full listing]

9226 N. 13th Avenue (13th Avenue and Hatcher Road)
Phoenix, AZ 85021

4posted: November 30th, 2007

Good facility

Most of the people that work here truly love the animals and it shows. It has to be hard to work at a place like this and there is only so much they can do because of funding which is very sad. I adopted my little chi mix Jake from this shelter in 1994 and he was an amazing dog who I loved very much. Also when I was 14, my family adopted a beautiful Australian Cattle dog from this shelter and she was a dearly loved family member for 14 years. Also when I took Chaz for his booster shot at the clinic here when he was a puppy, he had a bad reaction so I rushed him back to this shelter and a very nice lady from the clinic met me in the parking lot and carried Chaz in and gave him a shot of benadryl. She was very caring and sympathetic to me as I was really worried.


Petco [view the full listing]

2784 West Peoria Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85029
(602) 504-1202

2edited: December 1st, 2007


This Petco does not seem to get the traffic that some other stores get ands possibly things stay on the shelves a bit longer at this particular store. I bought some Belly Rubs here and they had a bug cocoon type thing inside the bag because the box was long expired but I did not look at the expiration date when I grabbed the box. I was able to return them with no problems. This store is ok but I prefer to go to a different location.

posted: November 30th, 2007


Maricopa County Animal Care & Control - East Valley Animal Care Center [view the full listing]

2630 West 8th Street
Mesa, AZ 85201
(602) 506-PETS

3posted: November 13th, 2007

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

I was picked up as a stray and taken to this shelter. Mommy has mixed feelings about this place. She is thankful to them for picking me up and getting me off the streets but she encountered a few rude staff members before and during the adoption process. The shelter itself is very large and there are many cages of dogs. They also have cats there. The cages are not exactly clean but I did not think they were filthy either. I had quite a bit of poop in mine that I was stepping on. This is a kill shelter, the county pound and they have a high euthanasia rate. It is very heart breaking to walk down the long aisles of cages. Mommy can never do it without crying because she wants to take all of the animals. There are a lot of great dogs/cats at this shelter. Many of them just need a second chance at life. Now, licensing through this place is another story all together. Mommy was late on my license renewal and the original form that she received said late fees were $3.00 for less than a year so mommy was late less than a year so she paid my license fee and the extra $3 late charge. So she gets a letter from the licensing dept. saying that she was charged more in late fees and the license fee is $4 more! So she called up and they told her the late fee policy changed in August 2007- now mind you, my renewal form was sent in November 2006 so mommy was charged $2 a month for every month she was late starting December 2006 even though the new policy did not take effect until August 2007. Mommy was not amused but paid it because she had no other choice.


Petsmart [view the full listing]

17035 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85023
(602) 375-7939

4posted: November 13th, 2007


This is the closest Petsmart to my home. I went through all my obedience training classes here. We had a very positive experience with the training. However, the trainer that we had does not work there anymore. The store itself is alright. I have noticed that some of the cashiers are not friendly at all and some do not even seem to have an interest in the animals but whatever- they usually have what we are looking for except they do not carry Natural Balance kibble and mommy does not like the selection of harnesses they have. We mostly go there to get toys because they have a big toy selection. Mommy also likes their selection of Petkin products.


Pet Food Depot [view the full listing]

17645 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85032

5posted: March 1st, 2007

Nice Pet Supply Store

I go here quite often. It is one of the pet stores closest to me that sells Natural Balance kibble. They have a good selection of food and treats and they sell some neat toys too. They carry alot of the Zanies toys, which are very cool. They carry pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, horses and other animals too. It is a very nice store.


Arrow Animal Hospital Plc [view the full listing]

5144 W Thunderbird Rd
Glendale, AZ 85306
(602) 644-1928

3posted: February 24th, 2007

Good Vet Office

Chaz went to Arrow animal hospital for his first check up after he was adopted. They are very nice there. My little boy Jake went there several times and saw Dr. Prater. He is an excellent doctor. Back in 1994 when Jake had mange he prescribed some ointment and it went away. Another vet office wanted to charge us $100's of dollars for dips. Jake went back to see Dr. Prater and he did a nasal flush and we found out that Jake had nasal cancer. I only gave them 3 paws though because although the care was good. When Jake came out after his surgery he was scared and still partially sedated and he had tried to bite the girls in the back office. They practically dumped him out on us and said he is trying to bite all of us. They were not compassionate at all. We were dealing with a dog that had cancer and I felt they could have handled themselves better. The doctors I think are still excellent but the staff needs a little work on dealing with scared or not so friendly animals.


Desert Hills Animal Hospital [view the full listing]

13811 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85022
(602) 993-5430

5edited: February 24th, 2007

Dr. Cellers

He is my vet. Dr. Cellers is a very nice man. His office staff are very friendly and his office is soooooo clean. It smells clean and it looks spotless. I have always been treated very nice there. Dr. Cellers takes the time to answer all our questions. He seems very honest too. He doesn't push things on you and try to make you do something that you really do not need to do.

posted: February 24th, 2007