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32 Mellor Ave
Baltimore, MD 21228
(410) 788-0794


5posted: June 17th, 2008

Dr. Schueler gave Dixie her life back!!

Dr. Schueler (not at the address listed above - 3132 Halter Road, Westminster, MD - 410-840-9559, www.petneurosurgeon.com) is one of very few neurosurgeons in the country. Our dog, Dixie, woke up completely paralyzed in her rear legs - after traveling to our regular vet and an animal hospital we wound up at Dr. Schueler's office. He was able to perform a myelography and operate to clean up a ruptured disk that had pinched off her spinal cord causing paralysis. She has recoved miraculaously and can walk, run, and jump (although we try to keep her from jumping). It was expensive - but then again it was neurosurgery!! Dr. Schueler REALLY KNOWS HIS STUFF!! He is amazing and so is his staff. They even do hydrotheraphy to help rehabilite your dog (we didn't do that as Dixie hates water). Also, Dixie is usually very tense in the vet's office and hides her pain (she is a pit-bull), but when Dr. Schueler examines her she just relaxes as lets him know what hurts! If your dog is suffering from any neurological trama and you live anywhere near Westminster, MD, I highly reccomend that you call Dr. Schueler.