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811 13th Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 233-1364


5posted: December 2nd, 2008

Great place!

Elsie goes to doggy daycare 2 days a week at Metropawlitan Dog and has a blast! She comes home pooped from playing all day (we watch her on the webcams so we can see how crazy she is) and really seems to know what days she gets to go to "camp" as we call it. : ) We also took her through a basic training class there and have had great results, so we recommend the trainers too!


5posted: December 2nd, 2008

The training works!

I took my two 7 month old German shepherd puppies in to see the trainers at Metropawlitan Dog in October because they had started to be pretty aggressive to each other, and one of them was aggressive with other dogs too. Megan said she thought we should put the boys in the program where they stay with the trainers for 4 weeks since the aggression was pretty bad and was starting to show up with people too. It was tough to leave my babies for that long, but in the end I realized that it needed to be done before something really awful happened, since they were getting too out of control for me and my daughter to handle. I called almost every day to check on the boys (and probably annoyed the trainers too!) but they always made the time to talk to me and never seemed too busy. I guess they understand that my dogs are like my kids! In the middle of all this I found out I had to move, so Megan offered to keep the boys there as long as we needed to get moved and settled. That was such a relief and so nice of her! They ended up staying close to 6 weeks there before we were able to pick them up, and they had gotten so big! I am so happy with the training that the time they were gone was so worth it. They can sleep together in the same crate now, eat at the same time in the same room together, play with toys together, and there’s no more of the nasty fights that used to happen. They also used to pull me and my daughter down the street to get to other dogs and now they walk so nice right by our sides. The groomer did a really good job on them too before they sent them home to us, so I would definitely use him again for grooming. Megan helped with the questions I had once I got the boys home and really seems to understand dogs. If you need training help, I say call Metropawlitan Dog!


1posted: November 23rd, 2008

My dear friend

we took Pinot there a month and a half ago for some training, we were told we could not see him for a month. we came back to pick him up and something was not right he had lost alot of weight and was acting like a beaten dog. we took him home and he was not eating and was listless without energy. we gave him a day and the next day i had to take him to our vet he was diagnosed with a major pneumonia in the right lower lobe we fought the good fight for two week including force feeding with a syringe. on saturday morning Pinot passed away, we met with the kennel and they offered us a 500 dollar good will offering and to train any of our dogs for free we declined the offer as we paid 2000 dollar in vet bills and 2300 dollars to them for training they will hear form our attorney, do not let this happen to your family.


5posted: August 12th, 2008

My Favorite Place!

I go to Metropawlitan Dog for Daycare EVERY day! I love it! The people are awesome and I love running around with my friends Lily and Stella. Convince your human to take you here so we can play together! You won't be sorry!