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Minnehaha Off-Leash Recreation Area [view the full listing]

5399 S. Minnehaha Park Dr.
Minneapolis, MN 55417


5posted: May 20th, 2009

My favorite...

Where else can a GSD run through woods and up and down hills... and THEN swim and swim and swim... and then run some more!? I love this park and make dad take me every weekend year 'round.


5posted: March 5th, 2009


Best dog park we've been to in the cities!! Tons of room to roam and play! The river is great and you can take a nice long hike in the woods too.


4posted: January 15th, 2009

Awesome Park But...

It's not entirely fenced in and near a few busy streets... McKinley has escaped from this park before, but aside from that it's a beautiful place.


5posted: October 1st, 2008

Down By the Riverside

Great river bottom forest to roam through, little streams - and the Mississippi River to swim in, if you're more daring than my dog. Pretty difficult going during spring thaw - too much meltwater - but otherwise a wonderful spot for dogs to run.


2posted: April 9th, 2008

No fences!

Be warned that this park is not fenced in!!! There are dogs that go missing here all the time.


5posted: February 8th, 2008

The Best!

This is my favorite park! It offers great trails, lots of swimming and plenty of shade for thoughs hot summer days. There are a lot of dogs here on weekends, but you don't feel crowded in. If you prefer to be around less dogs, try a week night. **The park is not well lit, so if you are there near sunset, think about carring a flashlight.


5posted: August 12th, 2007

The Best of Both Worlds

If you're a water or a woods dogs, you can find both at the Minnehaha Off Leach Recreation area. Mom takes my off leash shortly after we go through the gate and I run down the path in the woods, lot of woods. Mom never worries about me straying as I'm her little shadow and I run aways and then look back and run back to her and run again, well you get the idea. I don't want her to get lost. A lot of sniffing along the way - nature and other dogs. It's a popular place. The whole wooded area is not fenced in as it is 4 acres, so if you are the type of dog who just goes running through the woods a long way without your owner this would not be safe. As soon as I smell the water I look at Mom and we both go running. I don't like to swim but Mom and I go in up to our ankles and stroll at edge and sometimes run and jump in the water. There's a lot of dogs in the water fetching. They tire me out. It's a great time whether you're in the water, or just watching. We meet a lot of people. There are bags in case you forgot to bring them and trash containers. There is even a portable potty for your owner near the parking lot. It has everything. The only drawback is the parking. Some spots are permit only and some are parking meters (but they don't always work). But I give it a 5 paws. I love it. Come early and parking is not a problem.


5posted: August 10th, 2007

awww the park

I love swimming in the river


5posted: August 9th, 2007

Minneapolis Dog Park

This is by far the best park EVER!!! I used to live in Farmington, MN and we would make special trips out to Minneapolis just to go to this park!!! Great walking trails and swimming!!!


5posted: April 24th, 2007

This is my favorite park!

A trip to Minnehaha begins with a nature hike through the woods as you descend into the Mississippi River Valley. The sandy ground is nice and soft on the paws. There are several good places to swim along the riverbank, too. Bring your tennis balls for playing fetch in the water! One warning: If your dog doesn't come when called or has a tendency to wander off, this isn't the park for you. The park is more than 4 acres of woods and is only partially fenced.