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5posted: April 20th, 2008

FunnyFur.com Rocks!

Hi, My mom found FunnyFur.com a little over a year and has not shopped anywhere else since then. I remember that first order just like it was yesterday. Well actually when she first found the website. She couldn't keep her mouth shut! "Oh my Ginger this is the BEST store, they have stuff that no one else has". I think it took mom about 3 plus days to make her first order. Oh she went on to dad about this website. She couldn't decided what to get, there were oh so many choices of fun new, interesting, and hip cloths. Oh and then of course they had to offer grooming products that no other site had offered. Geez that right there took a few days to decide. I've been a problem child with my hair. Very dry skin and fur. But thanks to FunnyFur.com that got better real soon after mom finally placed the order. It's not that it took long to get the order for FunnyFur.com gets the orders out in like two days. Mom was floored by that as well. Anyway, and now my fur/skin is even a TON better. Mom didn't ever think that could happen but FunnyFur.com started selling Isle of Dogs. Oooh LaLa. The other stuff was working great but boy this stuff is awesome. I don't begin scratching in between baths nearly as fast as before. OK, shall we go back to mom's first order. Oh my word, she finally decides and places the order. She was buying her first Chi WOW WOW, Izzy Galore, and Paris Erotica. I gotta tell ya, I thought my dear sweet mom was going to have an accident when she came across these three designers. Anyway, about an hour after she placed the order the phone rings and it was Jennie from FunnyFur.com customer service. She was a bit confused by mom's order. Surprise, surprise for mom is blond and over 40. :-) Anyway, this wonderful person Jennie spent nearly two hours with my mom make darn sure she got the correct sizes for me. Wow! Mom was blown away on that one. She did not stop all day going on and on about what great customer service. Which I know has not stopped in over year because mom still talks about how great the service is. When dad came home from work that night he heard all about FunnyFur.com and it hasn't stopped since. I always get compliments when I am out and about with mom. Everyone always loves what I have which is always from funnyfur.com. You should see my closet. Oh and dad is working on part two of my closet today. I know this is a good thing that FunnyFur.com is always bringing in new fun stuff but poor dad is losing closet space and his hard earned money. :-) He says I am worth it though and he too thinks FunnyFur.com does a GREAT job in cloths selection and all other product choices. He's seen what I use to wear until Mom found FunnyFur.com and there is just no comparing. FunnyFur.com is the place to buy all Fashionable Dog apparel, beds, grooming products, and on and on. Don't shop anywhere else! Trust me I am a Princess to the hilt and I know my mom won't be shopping anywhere else. Love and Hugs, Ginger


5posted: April 6th, 2007

Forget Paris . . . It's All About Funny Fur.

Now, listen. Gracie had her say and now it's my turn. Normally, I don't agree with my big sister on much and Mommy gets really mad when we have a tumble, but she's spot on with this. Funny Fur is the only place any true fahsion hound needs to shop cos they have it all. That's because Jen is on top of things and she keeps things fresh and hip. And how does she stay so current you ask . . . well, I will tell you what I think. I think she pays attention to Japan. And any fashionista worth her Vogue subscription knows that Japan's the international hotspot for what's hip. If they're doing it in Japan, you can bet it's on its way here. Oh, it'll stop in London and then we'll be all excited waiting for it, but just go to the source, man! I mean, I like to bark in an English accent cos I love Robbie Williams, but it's all about Japan and Funny Fur knows it. They have Paris Erotica, Chi Wow Wow and Ready to Wag and you can't find those just anywhere. They also have the biggest selection of Little Lily my eyes have ever seen. And I shop with Mommy a lot, but her stores are dinky compared to Funny Fur. It's too bad Mommy can't wear my super tiny clothes cos I'm a lot better dressed than she is. Ciao, Izzy.