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3042 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 227-6700


5posted: March 12th, 2007

Great Store!

Reasonable prices, good food! Great canned food selection, especially in small cans. Get a PetSmart Pals card & save even more on specials for card holders only! Go look at the pets for adoption - birds, pocket pets & fish. Also has a cat adoption area, with some kitties on display - associated with a local no-kill shelter. Offers periodic adoption weekends, when they bring in dogs for adoption. Shot clinics once a month, for a reasonable price. Save on vaccinations! Also has obedience classes available for dogs. You can even bring in your dog on a leash. Groomer on site - same phone number. This place has a wonderful selection of everything you could want or need for your pet, no matter what it is. Very nice clerks, always willing to lend a hand - even helping you to take stuff out to your car. Meowmie wouldn't dream of shopping for us anywhere else!