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Taurus Training & Doggie Playday [view the full listing]

12419 Metric
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 832-1012


4posted: August 8th, 2007

Okay place to board

Taurus is an okay place to board. No private rooms or web-cams, but very nice staff.


5posted: May 26th, 2007

Taurus Metric

I boarded Mallory and Shiner here once for 4 days when their usual kennel was closed. The staff was friendly and took all my special instructions seriously. They gladly gave me a tour of the facility when I asked for one prior to boarding. I emailed them several times while I was away to check on the dogs, and they emailed back promptly. When I picked the dogs up I could tell they had been well cared for and were happy. The staff really seems to love all the dogs they care for. I would board there again.


5posted: May 2nd, 2007

One of my favorite places to go

I love my mommie drops me off for a doggie playday at Taurus. I know Im going when I'm asked if I want to go play with the puppies and we go for a car ride. All the humans there are so nice and friendly I give them all kisses. I love getting to play with all the dogs and enjoy running around all the grounds. I even have a boyfriend there named Hank (there is a picture of the 2 of us on my profile). Then when my mommie comes to big me up after she is done with work one of the friendly taurus people give me a treat. I have so much fun during the day I usually have to rest and fall asleep on the couch watching tv afterwards. And usually once a month I get my nails trimmed during playday as well so I stay looking my best. I also got to go there in the evenings for awhile while going to a polite pooch class where I learned not to jump on people and how to sit and stay. I really liked the trainer and all the other people and dogs there. The best part was I got treats the whole time and all I had to do was sit :) I'm awfully good at sitting now. I also had a one on one lesson with the trainer, she was so nice that I listened to every word she says. Then sometimes I get to stay there for a weekend or more when mommie has to go out of town. I don't really want to fly on a plane and love the chance to play with all my friends at Taurus. I can't wait for my next playday :)

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