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4072 St Laurent
Montreal, QC H2W 1Y8
(514) 842-9996


1posted: July 14th, 2010


My wife an I purchased our dog from ToZoo on September 1st, 2006. Within hours of us bringing the dog home to our apartment, she began exhibiting signs of illness. During the next 48 hours, the dog was almost completely lifeless. Since it was a Sunday, and TooZoo was closed, we decided right there and then to take our dog to the DMV. The clinic ran a pantheon of tests and determined that the animal was infected with a multitude of parasites.We were then advised to leave her for overnight treatment... and so we returned the next day to find a completely different dog than the one we dropped off! They had saved our puppy from certain death, and even though the bill was not pretty, we knew that TooZoo would help us out.... or so we thought! Later that day (Monday) we called the company and explained our dismay over the ordeal. I was shocked to hear the following quote from the store manager. "We don't recall selling any boxer-lab last week". I immediately ventured my way to the store and demanded an explanation for the lie. They never gave one, but they did tell me this. "The dog was perfectly normal up-until it left our premises, and we claim no responsibility for anything that may have occurred outside of our business walls". Yeah, OK... He futher went on to explain how I was WRONG to take my dog to the DMV in order to save her life, and that I should have used the "store certified veterinarian" the following business day. I kept trying to explain that the dog was within hours of perishing, but he kept his ground. So our vet bill was in excess of $2,000 CAD and he insulted me by contributing $20 (our of guilt?). My wife and I have concluded that although our dog is now healthy, has a very distinct and unique personality, and is an overall incredible dog, it didn't come without effort, and to this day the remnants of her "puppy-mill side" still creep up. For example, she is deathly afraid of certain things (inanimate objects) for which we have no reasonable explanation. It is clear that she was abused to some degree during her puppyhood, prior to us owning her. In conclusion, we agree that this company (TooZoo) is a joke, and possibly in cahoots with its' local veterinarian in regards to signing off a clean bill of health to puppy-mill dogs that it either breeds or inherits; no surprise there, though, as the same exact vet charged us hundreds of dollars in the past, for useless pills, and refused to inform us that our previous dog possessed cancerous nasal tumors. Regardless, this company handled our situation most inappropriately and we felt the need to finally share our story. AGAIN, PLEASE BEWARE IF CONSIDERING THE PURCHASE OF A LIVING ANIMAL FROM THIS COMPANY, AND TAKE IT FROM US THAT THEY ARE LIARS, AND DO IN-FACT SELL PUPPY-MILL DOGS AND TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR DUBIOUS PRACTICES!


5posted: May 17th, 2007

WONDERFUL business owners and staff!

I met and got my dog Pascal from Too Zoo last June and it was a wonderful experience! Everyone at the Animalerie was kind, helpful and loves animals and were amazingly accomodating- I can't wait to go back to Montreal and see everyone again and tell them how happy we are! Thank you Mia and co.!


4posted: February 27th, 2007

A pet store with a selection

TooZoo is a place I stop in when on the Main... They have a pretty good selection of toys, pet carriers and pet beds. The fish are fun to watch and so are the birds. They do have cats looking for homes but very few. The food section is not very large but at least they have human grade choices.