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500 skyline boulevard
at john muir drive
san francisco, CA 94101


5posted: April 21st, 2009

Fort Funston Is Non-Stop Fun

We went to Fort Funston yesterday, and I thought I'd died and gone to Doggie Heaven. Very nice people, very nice dogs to play with, I could run and run and run, off-leash, and I got my very first taste of the ocean. We will be going back again and again. Huge parking lot, free parking, free beach access, shopping center near by, easy to get to, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Mom almost didn't make it back up the BIG HILL to the parking lot, but she is going to keep on keepin' on and hopes it will get easier each time.


5posted: March 17th, 2009

Fort Funston is the best!

This place is doggy Disneyland for the confident, social dog. There's lots to explore and lots of dogs to play with. This is one of our favorite places.


5posted: March 17th, 2009

Best place for a dog to be a dog. Wide open space for your dog to run and play with other dogs. Just make sure your dog is obedient and social with other dogs. Important that your dog knows the come command. Large parking lot but a little crowded on nice weekends because of tourists and hang gliders.


5edited: September 22nd, 2008

Fort Funston rocks! Clean, nice people, nice dogs, lovely view. Sometimes you can hear people shoot on the shooting range but dogs get used to it quickly. Maaaany dog walkers. Some pretty reckless, but most great. I love the sunsets. Two water fountains - but take water if you go down to the beach! The beach is usually not so windy. Also be aware of the steep steep cliffs. Many dogs have lost their lives there. It is always sad when this happens. There are many "secret" trails and it is fun to explore. Parking is more than enough except Sundays. But even there you will find a good spot. It has a beautiful patio, an outlook. You see Golden Gate, Whales, Dolphins, Pelicans.. It is even beautiful at night. For night visits you have to park down the street around the traffic light. Also FF is wheelchair accessible but better bring a helping hand or a really strong dog to pull you up the hill.. We had both for our friend. It was fun though. Have fun.

posted: September 22nd, 2008


4posted: July 14th, 2008

My first visit

I just visited Fort Funston for the first time. It was nice and foggy with a slight breeze. There were tons of doggies, some on leash, some not. I didn't hear any arguments the whole time I was there. We saw a water station that had a few water bowls near a faucet. There were paved paths for the peoples and sand for me to walk in. There were lots of trees and bushes that I could find shade under when the sun came out. The beach I went to was down quite a hill. My mom wasn't happy about going back up it. Lots of pups were playing in the small waves. There was an observation area where we saw people flying in hang gliders. Mom appreciated the porta potties but wished there were a couple more along the path. I had a great time walking until my legs felt like jelly!


5posted: November 20th, 2007

Awesome places for walks

Here you can walk your human and enjoy the cool ocean breeze, there are lots of all trails to sniff out and explore; while stopping to greet all the other four legged friends. Your human mom /dad can interact with their friends, while you play a game of tag or just run down to the beach. Nikko and Iris love to run and play fetch while running into the water; prefer to stay on dry land. Your mom/dad can enjoy the handgliders, while you stop for a quick drink of water at the water stop at the bottom of the hill.


5posted: October 21st, 2007

Awesomest Place EVERRRR!

This is my favorite place ever! I get to come off my leash, get dirty in the sand and ocean, and play with other dogs! It's like a daytime dog party! Sometimes I even dig up shells for fun! Once I met this big beautiful white dog there whose owner was a photographer, she took pictures of me and her pooch together and mailed them to me! Everyone is so nice, friendly, and fun! I come here anytime my dad comes up to visit me! We can ever visit the fort together!


5edited: February 21st, 2011



posted: October 8th, 2007


5edited: August 26th, 2007

Pretty Awesome

It is such a wonderful place, for both you and your dog. I would recommend if you have dog that needs to be ran, take them to the dune area. The only downside to fort funston is that there isn't a small dog/ large dog area, and max gets trampled, but you'll love it, just make sure you know signs of aggression if a strange dog comes up to you.

posted: August 25th, 2007


5posted: August 7th, 2007


The former Army coast defense and Nike missile site is now part of the National Park Service's Golden Gate National Recreation Area, with lots of dunes and miles of beaches available for dogs, plus some nice hiking trails. Be aware that the parking lot & 'Sunset Trail' areas are atop an approximately 200' tall bluff. Exhuberent or elderly/confused dogs do run or slip off the edge of the bluff and meet a horrible death numerous times each year because of negligent human handlers. Be very careful when driving in the parking lot (atop the former Nike missile underground storage magazines) because many inconsiderate, reckless humans let the dogs off-leash & roam freely in the parking lot area. Dogs of all sizes & dispositions have fun lounging & running along the beach, the water is usually calm enough for larger dogs comfortable with swimming to enter the water, but be wary of the tides, as high-tide can pretty much trap you in certain narrow stretches of the beachline. Dogs are currently allowed off-leash, yet owners can still be cited if their dog(s) enter some nature-preserve areas (Snowy Plover nesting sites) or harass wildlife in any way, but frankly, NPS Ranger patrol are extremely infrequent. Have fun looking at the various military ruins, but be aware that if you're poking around the dunes through some heavy vegetation, you could suddenly come across a small homeless encampment, sometimes complete with discarded syringes. I stay on the leash unless we're down on the beautiful beach! Oh yeah, if your dog might get agitated by horses, be very careful walking South along the beach from the parking area, as sometimes horses enter the beach from the far South side, and I once learned the hard way that my dog likes to chase & bark at horses, and not all horses are calm around small, yippy dogs by their feet!


5posted: February 28th, 2007

We all should be so lucky!

My sister Layla and I got to visit Fort Funston while we were on a trip out to the Bay Area to visit mom's parents ... oh how I wish we had someplace like this in our hometown! It was doggie heaven, and a great place to burn off lots of energy after mostly being cooped-up in a car for waaay too long. We got to run around lots of sandy dunes, peer out at the ocean from cliffs, and play in the surf. We were there on a weekend and the parking lot was pretty much full, but it didn't feel crowded since there is so much space ... didn't see any obnoxious behavior that you often see at smaller parks where dogs get territorial ...


5edited: May 30th, 2009

Favorite park in the area

This is a nice dog park, there is a lot of space to spread out in! The beach is always beautiful, the dogs are usually nice, the people are usually nice. Getting down to the water can be tricky-- either 222 steps or down a steep sand incline. But it is worth it!

posted: February 26th, 2007


5posted: February 25th, 2007

Peanut loves Fort Fun too!

What a great place! Lots of space and trails, woods and beach. Wonderful views, nice dogs and people. We and our dogs are so lucky to live here and have such a superb outdoor area we can bring our furry friends to where leashes are not required.


5posted: February 22nd, 2007

daisy LOVES this place. it's an enormous space with many trails, both defined and undefined. super views of the sea. lots of friendly people & pets here. very large parking lot. this is a really nice place for humans to also get some exercise. favorite walk : down the hill, to the beach and back up (is kinda tough coming back up the sand) by the hanggliders. highly recommend!