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Pj's Pet Centre [view the full listing]

3803 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
(780) 444-PETS


1edited: September 6th, 2007

Stay Away

They sell puppy mill 'designer breeds' for exorbitant prices and then don't back up their so called 'health guarantee' when the puppy has the inevitable issues that will arise. Plus, their prices are way over the top compared to other chains - even when compared to the specialty stores. STAY AWAY!!!

posted: September 6th, 2007


1posted: February 22nd, 2007

PJ pets

Gross conditions, carefully hidden. Sells puppy's directly from mills. Pups are often sick in their cages, and incidents of different types of animals escaping and hurting each other occur often.


1posted: February 22nd, 2007

Puppy selling is a BIG NO-NO

I'm against any business who insists on selling puppies. Sorry