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Arizona Humane Society Sunny Slope (Main AZHS Facility) [view the full listing]

9226 N. 13th Avenue (13th Avenue and Hatcher Road)
Phoenix, AZ 85021


4edited: November 19th, 2008


My mommy has been to this facility quite a few times (yes, she loves us animals!) and each visit was always positive. The place is clean, people are friendly and the animals - well, she'd just love to take them all home! She feels that if you should adopt before anything else - no pet stores!! Give a dog their second chance 8^}

posted: November 19th, 2008


4posted: November 30th, 2007

Good facility

Most of the people that work here truly love the animals and it shows. It has to be hard to work at a place like this and there is only so much they can do because of funding which is very sad. I adopted my little chi mix Jake from this shelter in 1994 and he was an amazing dog who I loved very much. Also when I was 14, my family adopted a beautiful Australian Cattle dog from this shelter and she was a dearly loved family member for 14 years. Also when I took Chaz for his booster shot at the clinic here when he was a puppy, he had a bad reaction so I rushed him back to this shelter and a very nice lady from the clinic met me in the parking lot and carried Chaz in and gave him a shot of benadryl. She was very caring and sympathetic to me as I was really worried.


1posted: October 6th, 2007

Unfortunatley, the facility was old and musty. We had only stopped by for a few minutes and were very unimpressed. Some of the dogs were outside, some in. THe dogs had no toys and were all in cages. The staff was not socializing with them at all. I DO NOT reccomend this shelter at all! But how I wish could have saved all those poor puppies but its not in our budget DX


3posted: September 11th, 2007

people don't care

People are always quick to say that it is dirty, cold, not very many toys, blah blah blah. Does anyone realize how expensive it is to run a shelter? Especially when it is by donation ONLY? I used to work for this shelter, and yeah, it is old and dirty and cold. There are worse shelters though. The dogs do not want to be there. The employee's do not want them to be there. Unfortunetly, people do not stop dropping off there animals. There would be days when over 200 animals came in. The number one reason is because the owner is moving. Horrible excuse by the way. And, yeah, a lot of those pets get euthanized. More than a lot. No one wants to do it, but there are heartless people who decide to get a pet and then just don't care anymore. They turn them into a shelter and then blame the shelter when they are to be euthanized. These people need to turn around and blame themselves, because they are the reason that so many animals die in shelters. Even if your dog is friendly and healthy, it only takes a couple days to get sick with kennel cough, and cats are even worse. So, great if you want to adopt from a shelter. Those pets will love you so much for getting them out of that hellhole. But, chances are they will be sick when you get them home with an infection. IT IS NOT VERY HARD TO TREAT!! If you can not afford this, or just don't want to spend the money, you should not own an animal in the first place. People need to wake up, stop breeding their animals, and realize this is a serious issue.


5posted: August 22nd, 2007

I guess these people don\

This is a Humane Society that rely solely on money donations and donations from people for toys, food, blankets and towels for the dogs staying there. They get no government money! THE DOGS ARE NOT STUCK OUTSIDE WAITING FOR A MONSOON TO HIT!!! YOU DID NOT GO TO THE INSIDE. You only saw the outside, they can go through a doggie door to get back in. I think they would be shut down if they left dogs outside IN 115 degree weather. This isn't the best facility, because it is old, and again they rely on donations. This is the second chance shelter. And every time I go there they have a sign out that begs people not to drop animals off because they have no room and the animal will most likely be euthanized, but people still drop them off all day. And they take any animal in, so they have to put them down, they have no room. I also volunteerd there as a groomer. And I guess you people don't see the place where the dogs aren't ready to be put in adoption yet and there whole body is broken and in a cast or they are on IV's AND NOT PUT DOWN BECAUSE OF AN INFECTION! You ignorant people! They take great and the best care they can of the animals there. And if you recommend people to go to a no kill shelter thats great, but that means more wonderful animals are going to die because you tell people not to come here!


1posted: August 9th, 2007

What a fate

When mommy was looking for a doggie to train she stopped by here to look at the doggies. The inside areas were not sufficient to house all the dogs and there were many in rows of cages outside. Heaven forbid that there was a monsoon, what would the poor outside doggies do? The dogs were all in cages, little or no toys in sight and we did not witness any socialization ongoing that day. There were no decorations and the place looked pretty stark. That was all my mommy really needed tosee in order to make her turn around and leave. She was afraid of getting a doggie with a sickness from living under those conditions.


5posted: July 3rd, 2007

I was rescued from there! It was a nice, clean atmosphere, and the review before mine makes me a little ill. I had a upper respiratory infection when I came home and can't even think what would have happened if i wasnt adopted that day....eeeek.


2posted: February 9th, 2007

Humane Is a Relative Term for This Group

With their own cruelty investigator who seeks to protect animals in the Phoenix area, AZ Humane has a great start to a successful large-scale mission of mercy for the animals. Their excellent humane education programs (as well as their first-aid classes), are exceptional, which makes their euthanasia rates all the more bewildering. Their public services and PR very clearly emphasize the animals, but AZ Humane often euthanizes for a single sneeze. They might be a worth a look for their services and information, but I strongly encourage anyone in the area looking for a pet to visit one of the excellent smaller facilities that routinely rescue from Humane's euthanasia list. Giving them your support not only sends a message but also opens up new spaces in safe environments for the at-risk animals residing at Humane. What they say and what they do seem quite contradictory.

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