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2110 Slaughter Ln W Ste 1
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 280-6300


1posted: June 9th, 2008


I advise NO good little (or big) dog to go here looking for reasonable prices for good work! Ugh! Mummy took me here about a year ago and we will NEVER forget it. We were in desperate need of a groomer, because Pet's Mart was closed, so we called in Barking Bubbles and they couldn't groom a dog! Here are the things we noticed wrong: 1. They made us wait FOREVER when no one else was there getting groomed. At least 45 min. All I needed was a trim and maybe a bath, not even a full grooming. 2. When they finally took me back to try it out, it was easy for Mummy to view me and they were turning me around quickly, holding my snout, and not taking precautions around my eyes when bathing! 3. This is the worst part. With my trim, they went as fast as they could and butchered my eyebrows! What and insult to my schnauzer-tude! They COMPLETELY shaved off my eyebrows. They also did an uneven job on my beard. 4. I left with a bad, chemically smell, nothing like the way when you leave the groomer's, but I smelled like old, rusty metal. 5. They charged Mummy $35.00 for a rushed grooming job, ungentle groomers, and a long wait. I highly suggest that you STEER CLEAR of Barking Bubbles!


4posted: December 1st, 2007

I have heard some good things about this place.

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