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345 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075
(917) 301-2517


5posted: June 2nd, 2008


My husky was loosing considerable weight and I had taken him to a vet that I was unsatisfied with because I knew it had to be more than just anemia and the vet was so vague with the possible diagnosis and treatments. I took him to Cara Bunning, DVM for a second opinion and it turned out to be stomach cancer. She was thorough with his plan of care and was so patient with my multiple questions. The dog was very sick and to take him to the animal hospital for treatment would have cost over five thousand dollars, Cara stated she would board him at her clinic and understanding my financial situation she only charged me for one day worth of treatment when she treated him for 4 days, she also supplied me with a month's worth of medications! When I called to check on his status I was surprised to hear that she had taken him home with her over the weekend! This is not what you would expect from a business person and from someone that I had just met. She truly cared for my pet as if it were her own, a true compassionate animal lover. I highly recommend Cara Bunning, DVM to treat your pets because she provided exceptional service beyond what is expected. I can't express how relieved and grateful I felt to have her on my dog's side.