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3470 S Hualapai Way
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 384-8737


5posted: February 22nd, 2007

Dr Tack and Blue Cross Animal Hospital

We love Dr. Tack and recommend him to everyone who asks us who we think a great vet is. I am confident that Mischief always gets top of the line care here. When we left Va, her vet thought she had hip dysplasia because she was limping badly one day. 2 weeks later we moved here and again she would't run or jump one day so we took her in here--they spent time running with her to see if she would bunny hop, took x-rays etc. Turns out she DIDN'T have dysplasia--she had a bad stretch that was hurting her, probably from being overzealous at the dog park! Mischief is also prone to mast cell tumors...When she got a tumor last year and I took her in, Dr. Tack FULLY took the time to explain to me how a mast cell can differ from a benign tumor and to explain to me the options if she DID have another mast cell tumor and that he would put me in contact with a respected doggie oncologist. Turns out she had a benign cyst but the fact that he went so above and beyond to make sure I was informed of options and that I wasn't needlessly frightened for my dog's health--well that made all the difference. I really feel that Dr Tack isnt just there for the paycheck, per se but that he REALLY respects the animals and their human families.

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