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Face Spay/neuter Clinic [view the full listing]

1505 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 638-3223


5posted: August 13th, 2007

great place

Every city should have a FACE clinic. My mom does rescue for German Shorthair Pointers- that is what I am - and she takes all of the rescues to FACE before they go to their new homes. I was lucky enough to go there, get fixed ( didn't know I was broke) and then end up staying with my mom. I was just so cute they couldn't let me go. FACE has helped my mom help lots of dogs. It is a great place


5posted: February 25th, 2007

Great place.

Low cost -but with people who really care about your pet.


5posted: February 11th, 2007

Great Quality for Low Cost

Mommy had me fixed here. She says she appreciates a place offering low-cost spay, neuter and shots. They make taking care of pets easier for those who are pressed for money but still want to enjoy the company of a furry friend. They also help out the stray pet population by taking some in and putting them up for adoption. More cities need clinics like Face.