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2028 Eight Mile Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45244
(513) 474-5400


4posted: February 13th, 2007

For the most part, a fantastic vet!

My grandma and mom had been going to Dr. Smith for years and years - about 14! Dr. Smith is amazing with animals, no doubt. She's also good with people, too. :o) She knows her stuff, and is a very, very good vet. However, a few things I want to mention... Sometimes, there is another vet on some days. We found that we would rather stick with Dr. Smith, and tried not to go when she wasn't there. Some of the other vets have been okay, but some are not up to par! A few months ago, I hurt my paw on wood in the backyard. It was a bad owie! Moms rushed me to Dr. Smith, but we found out that there was no vet in the office, despite it being normal business hours, and there wouldn't be one for another hour or two! The way the person at the desk acted, this was something that wasn't unusual. Moms were upset with this - they expected a vet to be there for my emergency! We went somewhere else instead. All in all, a fantastic, wonderful vet with a heart of gold. A few problems, though! We decided to find a new vet. We loved Dr. Smith, but we can't risk there not being a vet in the office when we need one most!