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North Carolina: Kings Mountain:

Kings Mountain - as dog-friendly as they come! This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. Don't forget to add your reviews for the businesses in this ultimate resource.

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722 York Road
Kings Mountain, NC 28086
The Comfort Inn offers moderately priced accommodations in Kings Mountain NC approximately 35 miles from Charlotte Douglas International Airport and…

Veterinarians & Specialists
105 Police Club Dr
Kings Mountain, NC 28086
Holistic Veterinary Care is a philosophy which tries to grasp the whole picture and come up with a program that is preventative in nature and is best for the health and welfare of your pet.

Our clinic has many unique aspects that you will not find in a traditional, medicine-oriented veterinary practice. Many people are looking for this type of service, so it is only fair to bring it to your attention.

Unique Services available:

1.) "Pet Wellness Program" to help keep your pet healthy from weaning through the geriatric years.
2.) Dietary recommendations for pets with chronic heart, liver, and kidney failure; arthritis, allergies and immune disorders.
3.) Full line of supplements, herbals, homeopathics and glandulars, lasers and biomagnetic pads. - all of superior quality
4.) Applied Kinesiology diagnostics (AK) and Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) using non invasive trigger points on the pets body.
5.) Rapid Induction Desensitization (R.I.D.) by laser and homeopathics (applicable for many types of allergies).
6.) Acupuncture, Aguapuncture, massage and several CHIROPRACTIC techniques including Logan Basic, Cranial Manipulation, Activator, VOM (Veterinary Osteopathic Manipulation) and laser points. - These techniques balance the brain and nervous system
7.) Bio-magnetics and "Magnetic mattress pad" therapy. - for pain reduction
8.) Hair Mineral Analysis as well as blood and urine analysis with interpretation of results from a holistic and nutritional viewpoint.
9.) Medicines and vaccines when appropriate and necessary.
10.) To treat "vaccinosis" and/or to offset potential multiple vaccine reactions, we offer both vaccination detoxsodes plus HOMEOPATHIC NOSODES
11.) We can "custom make" any homeopathic antidote for an insecticide reaction, a homeopathic antidote for any poison, or environmental contaminant -- to help restore wellness.

Holistic Veterinary Services offers a unique and safe approach to pet health care. The soft touch and home environment seem to assure even the most apprehensive pet that their welfare is our utmost concern. CALL my office for a phone or clinic visit, and take advantage of 33 years of caring veterinary experience!

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