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Chicagoland, IL 60507
We are dedicated to the rescue, transport, vetting and adoption of pure bred Chow Chows in the Midwest. We strive to help Chows in need whether it be from a shelter, strays for which no owner can be located, owner surrenders, almost any case where a Chow's well being may be at risk.
We work with a variety of shelters, rescues and transporters to keep as many as we can out of potentially bad situations and make sure they are in good health, have a good temperament, and go through a special adoption process. We look to find the best match for Chow and potential Chow parent alike.

We believe that placing a Chow Chow into it's new forever home should be a pleasant experience for everyone. We understand that many people who apply for adoption have recently lost a Chow of their own. Many are choosing adoption over buying from a breeder and this is a very noble thing indeed! Chow puppies rarely if ever come into rescue. Adopting a Chow who's fate would have been euthanasia if not for the efforts of people concerned with them and others willing and wanting to adopt them is saving them. A puppy at the breeder's will most certainly be purchased.

Potential adopters must complete a full application which includes references, other pets that may be in the household, a home visit and other important information. This is done so that there is little to no chance that this Chow will ever end up in the same situation again. There is also an adoption fee/donation to help cover the cost of transport, vetting, grooming and every day care while in rescue. When the adoptables leave, it is with good health and a healing mind. A Chow Chow that will become a member of the adopter's family for the rest of it's life, healed, whole and forever loved.
If you are interested in adopting a rescued Chow Chow or know of one in need, please contact us at:

We will try to put you in touch with a rescue that may be able to help or advise you. We work with people in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Michigan. But, if you are from a state other than the one's listed and are not able to get in contact with a local rescue, please do not hesitate to email us.

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