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Sun Valley - as dog-friendly as they come! This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. Don't forget to add your reviews for the businesses in this ultimate resource.

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Veterinarians & Specialists
8709 Sunland Blvd
Sun Valley, CA 91352
I can't say enough about Dr Mark Hohne and his staff. They are truly professionals that I trust my dogs life with!

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations

Sun Valley, CA 91352
--See website to meet our doggies and to fill out an application -- Boxer Rescue Fund, Inc. Los Angeles is a no-kill rescue organization founded in 1977 and is staffed by volunteers only, who have saved and placed well over 3,000 Boxers. Our goal has always been to save Boxers and place them in loving homes that understand the requirements of the breed. The first step in adopting one of our sweeties is to fill out an online adoption application. This is what gives us an insight to your lifestyle and inevitably which Boxers would be good candidates for you. After we receive your application a BRLA volunteer will contact you. An appointment will be made for you to come to our facility in the East San Fernando Valley to meet the Boxers. We schedule adoption appointments on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 5pm. You will bring everyone involved (kids, other pets) to BRLA, where placement volunteers will work with you to make a love connection. When you find your perfect Boxer a contract is signed and a donation of $225 (more if you like) is made by check, cash or credit card. You get to take your new family member home that day! Come meet us and donate and/or volunteer if you want.

Walkers, Sitters, Daycare, Groomers & Spas, Boarding & Kennels
7875 Claybeck Ave.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
All 4 Pawz provides home based and cage free dog boarding. We are insured and a member of PSI. Rates start at $35/night. Discounts available for multiple dogs, long term stays and for Rescue Groups. We also offer: *Doggy Day Care *Yard Rental *Grooming *Dog Walking (visits available for other pets) *Dog Poop Pick Up For more information please feel free to email us or give us a call... our phone is on 24/7!!! All 4 Pawz 818-568-4087 818-767-0389

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11126 fleetwood st
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Boarding Dogs at Fleetwood Kennels in Sun Valley,Ca. Its Your Choice but You Get What You Pay For & Your Dogs are part of Your Family, Treat Them To the Best!!! I do recommend Paradise Ranch Country Club for Dogs. My opinion of boarding at Fleetwood, theyll be fine for a day or two, and this has nothing to do with my not working there anymore, this has to do with what anyone of us who has a true love for animals feel too. Dogs that have been housed there over 5 years are not allowed to be taken out for a walk? Are Not allowed to be let out for a few minutes in the enclosed yard? have not had there vaccines kept up to date every year because "They dont go anywhere,& it saves on costs?" There was a black widow infestation,I noticed it because I would clean out vacant runs everyother day, I asked for some spray she purchased about 3 cans. I sprayed out all vacant dog houses around & under old dirty empty wooden pigeon housing which runs behind i row of runs.Moved my dogs into vacant runs about an hr later & finished up by removing all old bedding to wash, sprayed inside,outside,and under houses and let it air out & returned them to their runs.A day later I was asked if I needed anything from the market, I asked for a few more cans of spray, and was told I had already been given some. There was one point where My Boss had a contract to house like 40 Cats.Mind you theses are not domestic cats that are social, their strays & wilds that this guy was hoarding & needed to move them because he was having issues with animal control. The first night I had a grown adult black male cat that had been suffering from some illness, he had greenish stuff leaking from nose & eyes die on me! He had the cat in a cage with a smaller one who became ill soon after. 5 Baby kitties that were no more then 2 weeks old could not feed from there mother she had not been fed and milk was dried up. I fed them every 4 hours and watch them all pass away one after the other within 2 days their little bodies just shut down it was so sad to see tiny babies that you cant do anything more & feel you didnt do enough just suffer the way they did.I was in tears and told her i felt bad seeing them just lay there & suffer she said " Do you want me to put it in a bag take it out back & hit him agianst the wall?!!! John had to shoot a litter of puppies because they had parvo & we didnt want them to suffer."She then showed me what she called an easier way of picking up the dead kitten by using old newspaper,put in grocery bag tied a knot and had me throw it in the trash outside. I was told to feed housed dogs once a day and the amount she showed me was just a handful of dry food for all dogs.She said "They dont need to eat to much because they dont get enough exercise." My thoughts umm hello they dont need to be starved either.So I would feed them some in morning & about 8 or 9pm go back out whoever had an empty bowl got more. Im in the process of writing my experience from my start there & to how I was finished there. I will send you copy or link when its complete. Any specific questions feel free to contact me. Thanks for your concern. I miss my dogs & they have been on my mind ever since I left.

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