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Phoenix - as dog-friendly as they come! This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. Don't forget to add your reviews for the businesses in this ultimate resource.

Top-Rated Rescue Organizations

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
3111 E St. John Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032
A No-Kill Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Adoption Sanctuary For Dogs and Cats.

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
30 North 40th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85034
A limited in-take shelter specializing in adoptions of cats and dogs. Animals come from euthanasia lists at other shelters.

Rescue Organizations
P.O. Box 36854
Phoenix, AZ 85067-6854
AZBR works in cooperation with animal shelters and humane agencies throughout AZ to reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals by providing foster homes, veterinary services and training for all of the beagles in our care. AZBR offers breed specific resources and training referrals to promote lifelong relationships between beagles and their companions

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
1521 W. Dobbins Road
Phoenix, AZ 85041
This offshoot of the Arizona Humane Society focuses on providing health care and adoption services to old and very ill animals.

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
P.O. Box 50295
Phoenix, AZ 85076
AZ Cocker Rescue has cocker spaniels, other pure breeds, mutts, and even kittens looking for new homes. Most of our animals have been rescued from death row at AZ county pounds. Please consider adopting a rescue pet they will love you forever!

Rescue Organizations
P.O Box 50673
Phoenix, AZ 85044
"Our mission is to adopt the adoptable cats, and educate the public on the care, safety and need to have their pets spayed/neutered." Adoptions are held on Saturdays from 11-5 at the PETCO located at 5011 E Ray Rd, Phoenix, AZ. (I-10 & Ray)

Rescue Organizations
P.O. Box 62471
Phoenix, AZ 85082
We are C.H.A.R.M., Inc., Cat Help And Rescue Movement, incorporated in 1990 to work with the cats on the streets of Maricopa County. In 1990 we began the fix and release program that is now so popular. We called this �Project Street Cat�. Our county is very large and cats number in the millions on the streets here. Much of this is due to our temperate climate that allows cats to produce up to 3 litters a year. This prevalence of cats is a much unwelcome result of nature�s abundance. Despite their ability to over produce in numbers cat play a much-needed role in our desert ecosystem balancing out bug and rodent populations. They have slipped into an ecological niche left vacant by the massacre of the native Bobcat; yet they are a domestic breed. Being a domestic breed they need some monitoring in the form of spay/neuter, feeding and shelter. This is the job of C.H.A.R.M., and what an awesome task it is. We monitor over 100 feeding stations. This means that we have fixed all or most of the cats in these areas (sometimes a new one sneaks in), and that we are available to re-catch injured or ill animals. We also step in when a �feeder� who is usually the area captain for that colony is incapacitated, laid off, or moves. With current economic nosedives we have suffered from a loss in donations. To donate go to We desperately need donations to stop the flood of kittens seen in Maricopa County each year. We give thanks for answered prayers. Our purpose in this write up is to tell you all a little bit about C.H.A.R.M., what we do and at the same time ask for your generosity towards a mostly not adoptable population of cats that deserve to live a dignified existence. As winter approaches and it actually becomes cold, the cats begin to eat amazing amounts of food to build their fat and fur layers for the winter. This is very important for insulation from cold and dampness and boosts their immune function. During this time we collect bedding and doghouses and disperse them as needed.

Rescue Organizations
Metrocenter Petsmart
Phoenix, AZ 85053
Citizens For North Phoenix Strays is a non-profit, 100% volunteer, no kill rescue organization that has been "Helping People Help Animals"tm since 1993. We provide help through low cost spay/neuter referral, humane trapping and altering of feral and stray cats through our SPAY-A-STRAY program, and by giving animals a second chance through adoption. CNPS aids mainly cats. These animals have been given up by their owners, or are abandoned, or are part of an unwanted litter because an irresponsible owner did not spay or neuter their pet. "The animal rescue world is not a perfect world, but we leave it better than the way we found it"tm, "Make a difference, Spay and Neuter"tm CNPS is not a shelter. We have no shelter facilities and can not take in your animals. We are a network of people like you who have decided to help a homeless animal. All of the animals that are available for adoption are kept by their owners or the kind person who found them until they are adopted. In order for us to help you help an animal, we simply ask that you make a commitment and provide them with shelter, food, water and love until they are adopted. We can assure you that by working together and utilizing our resources we will find a good, permanent home for that animal you are choosing to help. We are always looking for doers, people that can and want to help one day/night a week to feed, clean up after and love the kitties. Email for an auto generated info sheet that can assist you in almost any animal related issue...

Rescue Organizations
3208 N 64th Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85033
Dial A Pet is one of Arizona's premier placement agency for dogs and cats needing new homes, due to no fault of their own. Many of these animals were abandoned or turned into rescue for many reasons including owner death, divorce or home loss. They have been spayed or neutered and are current on all vaccinations, there is a reasonable adoption fee to help cover these already completed expenses. These pets are only a sample of the many that are available, as new dogs and cats come in everyday. Puppies and kittens are also currently available. Prior to placement, each dog is evaluated on the basis of dog and child sociability, and many are also cat safe.

We are located at the Petsmart on 75th Ave and McDowell from 10am to 3 pm on most Saturdays. Additionally, kittens and cats are at the Petsmart location, 7 days a week. We also have kittens and cats at the Petsmart on 73rd Ave and Bell Rd Sundays at 4 pm through Friday at 7 pm. All cats are S/N, UTD on shots and are FIV/Felv combo tested prior to adoption. We look forward to seeing you and helping you find your forever friend. You can also check out your local shelter for adoptable pets and help save a life!!

Rescue Organizations, Training & Obedience
4520 E. La Salle Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Behavioral Dog Trainer & Pet Communicator. Better Business Bureau Member. Serving the Phoenix Metro Area Valley Wide. Board of Directors Arizona Pug Rescue.

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
4630 N. Seventh Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85046
"HALO is a No-kill, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending pet overpopulation." Note: HALO does not have a single address. The address above is for their thrift store, as that's the only way to add it. You can use the same information but with P.O. Box 30656 as the street address should you wish to contact them by mail.

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
16624 N 32nd st.
Phoenix, AZ 85032
HOME 'FUR' GOOD is a group of individuals who are animal lovers at heart. We have banded together to make a positive difference in the lives of homeless cats and dogs in Maricopa County, Arizona. We are a No-Kill, 501c3 Non Profit Organization.

Rescue Organizations
102 W. Madison
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's no-kill shelter, MASH, was created to house and care for animals that have been abused or neglected by their caretakers, and that have been rescued by the Animal Cruelty Investigative Unit. The purpose of the shelter is to provide for these tragic animals, who must necessarily await the outcome of their owners' cruelty cases in court. Hopefully, their ultimate outcome will be adoption into loving, permanent homes. The MASH unit also houses the small pets of individuals who check into domestic violence shelters that do not accept pets. This is a no-cost service that can be provided for up to 60 days. The animals must have current shot records. Any medical costs expended while the pets are in MCSO care will be the responsibility of the owner. The first shelter opened by Sheriff Arpaio is in the First Avenue Jail, located at First Avenue and Madison Street, Phoenix, AZ. This 30-year-old jail previously held inmates, but was closed for repairs to plumbing in 1999. Though it is no longer suitable for housing inmates, the jail is like paradise to the four-footed victims now housed and recovering there. Detention officer staff and sentenced female inmates care for the animals. The shelter is air-conditioned and the cells have been reconditioned to comfortably house animals. Some critics have said that it's inhumane to put dogs and cats in air-conditioned quarters when inmates don't have air conditioning. A good answer came from one of the inmates assigned to care for the dogs. When asked if she was resentful about not having air conditioning, she gestured to some of the dogs and said, "They didn't do anything wrong. I did."

Rescue Organizations
P.O. Box 44165
Phoenix, AZ 85064-4165
Milagro Senior Pet Refuge Inc. is a 501C3 approved non-profit charitable organization formed September 9, 2005 -- a small but ambitious boutique project dedicated to the rescue and restoration of medically challenged and abandoned senior cats and dogs, turned in to the pound or out onto the streets and even dumped our in the desert because they are no longer wanted. When elderly pet owners die and no one wants the orphaned pet, when a child is born and the new parents decide the family pet no longer fits in, when families move and see the pet as an inconvenience, or when owners simply get bored with them or just don't want to deal with the needs of their pet’s aging body, senior pets are too often dumped. Through no fault of their own, these older pets find themselves tragically and unforgivably discarded, alone, frightened, and confused. Milagro finds these sweet seniors and brings them home to stay, to be treated with the love they deserve and as the precious gifts they are. Milagro is a collection of pre-approved private guardian homes providing peaceful, loving home environments where the seniors are safe and treasured for the duration of their twilight years. Milagro also is developing programs to address the plight of abandoned senior pets nationally.

Veterinarians & Specialists, Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations, Dog Parks & Dog Runs, Pet-Friendly Stores, Training & Obedience, General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores
P.O. Box 60232
Phoenix, AZ 85082
New Tricks Dog Training is Arizona's #1 source for in-home dog training. We provide custom programs suited for your individual needs and butget. Call for a FREE in-home evaluation and estimate.

Rescue Organizations, Pet-Friendly Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores
4700 Central Avenue
Suite 101
Phoenix , AZ 85012
Fashionable array of dog and feline products at affordable products. Unique one-of-a kind products as well. Health conscious owner focuses on natural foods and treats, the bet in the industry. Percent of profits go to animal charities. Also a pet rescue. Nice friendly atmosphere run by passionate and knowledgable staff.

Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations
4747 East Elliot Road #29-415
Phoenix, AZ 85044
\"Located in Phoenix, Arizona RESCUE is the last voice for dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at our county pounds. Since our inception in 1995 we have operated with the philosophy that for every animal we place we will be back to rescue another facing an untimely death. To date, we have fulfilled that promise well over 8,000 times. While all of the cats and dogs you are about to see have stayed at the Maricopa County pounds, they are now safe in our care and away from the threat of euthanasia. These amazingly resilient and wonderful beings reside in the homes of our dedicated foster parents or with our boarding partners until their permanent home is located."

Veterinarians & Specialists, Emergency Services, Animal Shelters, Rescue Organizations, Restaurants & Cafes, Bars & Nightlife, Walkers, Sitters, Daycare, Groomers & Spas, Boarding & Kennels, Dog Parks & Dog Runs, Campgrounds, Beaches, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Resorts & Spas, Ski Resorts, Theme Parks, Pet-Friendly Stores, Training & Obedience, General Pet Stores, Pet Boutiques, Neighborhood Stores, Feed Stores, Newspapers, Photography, Dog Waste Removal
3611 N. 5th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
RED PAWW FOUNDATION a subsidiary of Associate Community Enterprise a Non-Profit Organization. The Battle of the Bands is a Fund Raiser which will be launched to fund the RED PAWW Emergency Pet Food Banks and preferred provider organizations i.e. food banks, churches and various other groups who share our vision of providing help and assistance to pets and those less fortunate pet owners. RED PAWW will provide Emergency Food Boxes and information on medical treatment plans that’s available to the public. RED PAWW is to Pets as the RED CROSS is to People.

Rescue Organizations
Valley wide
Phoenix, AZ 85044
RESCUE is a registered non-profit volunteer driven animal rescue organization located in Maricopa County. RESCUE has no central facility and our focus is euthanasia list rescue from our county shelters. We were founded in 1995, and with the support of our volunteers and our community, we have found homes for over 9,400 dogs and cats. Our motto is for every animal adopted, we are back to rescue another. Maricopa County has one of the highest euthanasia rates per capital in the country, so we have much work to do on behalf of these animals. We depend on the community for our support and offer a variety of satisfying ways for you to get involved in our mission to end euthanasia. For example, you can become volunteer, adopt or donate. For more information about RESCUE and our programs, please visit us on-line at

Rescue Organizations

Phoenix, AZ 85051
We are a non-profit all volunteer rescue organization. We also are a foster based program ( meaning all of the animals are in our homes). We work on donations and donations only.

Rescue Organizations, Sitters, Training & Obedience
Phoenix, AZ 85029
We are a small group of individuals dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming German Shepherd Dogs of all colors into their forever homes. First and foremost, we are all about the DOG. We do not place a dog in a home just because we need to make space for a new rescue. We put the dog's best interest at heart at all times and will not place a dog in a home that is not suitable. Southwest GSD Rescue is Arizona's first and only volunteer based 501c3 non profit rescue dedicated solely to rehoming displaced German Shepherd Dogs.

Rescue Organizations
3232 E. Nighthawk Way
Phoenix, AZ 85048
Canine Behaviorists who work with you to help you adopt the perfect dog. Through temperament testing and behavioral insights, adopters can make an informed decision about the dog they want to share the next 10-15 years with. This is personalized adoption counseling at its best. The way dog adoption should be~they like people AND dogs!

 Rescue Organizations:
  • Animals Benefit Club
  • Arizona Animal Welfare League
  • Arizona Beagle Rescue
  • AZ Cocker Rescue
  • Cactus Cats Rescue Inc.
  • Cat Help and Rescue Movement (CHARM)
  • Citizens for North Phoenix Strays
  • D.A.P. Dial A Pet
  • DogNanny 911 Obedience Training
  • HALO Animal Rescue
  • Home Fur Good
  • MASH (MCSO Animal Safe Hospice)
  • Milagro Senior Pet Refuge Inc.
  • New Tricks Dog Training
  • Oliver & Annie Pet Boutique
  • R.E.S.C.U.E.
  • Soft Touch Animal Rescue
  • Southwest German Shepherd Rescue
  • The Canine Connection


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